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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Roland Weary die?
(a) Killed by a German guard
(b) By shooting himself in the head
(c) From gangrene in his feet
(d) Killed by the other prisoners

2. Who is Wild Bob?
(a) A colonel who lost his entire regiment
(b) The name of a German shepherd in a POW camp
(c) A German guard who loved American cowboy movies
(d) The hobo Billy meets in the railroad car

3. How does Billy's son Robert straighten out his life?
(a) He stops drinking and becomes sober.
(b) He settles down and gets married.
(c) He becomes a Green Beret in Vietnam.
(d) He gets a job delivering phone books.

4. What was it about the Grand Canyon that scared Billy?
(a) It reminded him of the swimming pool.
(b) He could not see the end of it.
(c) He thought a rock might fall on his head.
(d) He thought he might fall into it.

5. Why does Billy get a furlough during basic training?
(a) His mother suffers a relapse in the hospital.
(b) His father dies in a hunting accident.
(c) He asks to visit his wife before going overseas.
(d) He becomes ill with appendicitis.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the Tralfamadorans view time?

2. What does one of the German soldiers do to Roland Weary?

3. What was the prized possession of the Commander who captured Billy and Roland?

4. What is the first thing both the Germans and the Tralfamadorans have Billy do?

5. What happens when Billy tries to sleep in the railroad car?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the Children's Crusade?

2. What does it mean that Billy Pilgrim is "unstuck in time?"

3. What did Kurt Vonnegut learn about the bombing of Dresden when he wrote to the Air Force for details?

4. What does Billy extrapolate happening after the end of the war movie he is watching on the night before his daughter's wedding?

5. Why does Vonnegut say this book will be "jumbled and jangled?"

6. When does Billy Pilgrim first experience being unstuck in time?

7. Why did Roland Weary start to beat and kick Billy?

8. How did Billy finally get some sleep?

9. Describe the structure of a Tralfamadoran novel.

10. Why do the Germans need to record the names of the prisoners?

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