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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who rescues Billy from being beaten by Roland Weary?
(a) Bernard O'Hare
(b) American Army Scouts
(c) The Tralfamadorans
(d) A patrol of German soldiers

2. What do stars look like to Tralfamadorans?
(a) Strings of luminous spaghetti
(b) Glowing bouncing balls
(c) Pulsating circles of light
(d) Hexagonal specks of light

3. What does Billy's doctor advise him to do every day?
(a) Pray
(b) Take anti-depressants
(c) Take a nap
(d) Take a long walk

4. What does the Marine major tell Billy at the Lion's Club?
(a) Billy should be proud of his son for joining the Green Berets.
(b) Billy should not have allowed himself to be captured.
(c) Chaplains are silly and unnecessary in the army.
(d) Billy was a great soldier and should be proud of that.

5. Where does Billy find himself the morning after he becomes drunk at the party?
(a) On the front lawn of the house
(b) In the backseat of his car
(c) In a prisoner of war camp
(d) On Tralfamadore

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the author compare the march of American prisoners to?

2. What is unique about the coat Billy Pilgrim gets from the Germans?

3. What is unusual about the war movie Billy watches?

4. What do the Tralfamadorans say when a person dies?

5. What type of book does Vonnegut tell his friend he is writing?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where were the American prisoners of war kept as they were captured?

2. Why do the Germans need to record the names of the prisoners?

3. Why do the Tralfamadorans not believe in free will?

4. What does Billy extrapolate happening after the end of the war movie he is watching on the night before his daughter's wedding?

5. Why does the author keep reminding the reader that Edgar Derby will die in Dresden?

6. What does the story of Sodom and Gomorrah have to do with Vonnegut's book about Dresden?

7. Describe the structure of a Tralfamadoran novel.

8. According to the aliens in Kilgore Trout's book, what is the flaw in the story of Christ?

9. Why is Billy afraid to drop down from the railroad car?

10. How does Billy describe the Tralfamadorans?

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