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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long had the British soldiers been prisoners of war?
(a) Eight months
(b) Two years
(c) A year and a half
(d) Four years

2. What are the Tralfamadorans?
(a) A secret society of optometrists.
(b) A group of anti-war activists.
(c) People who become Billy's fan club.
(d) Aliens that see in four dimensions.

3. Where is Billy when he wakes up from his dream?
(a) Waiting for his wife to wake up and get dressed
(b) In a mental ward, three years after the war
(c) Back in the Carlsbad Caverns, in the dark
(d) Sitting on his couch, watching a war movie

4. How does Billy's son Robert straighten out his life?
(a) He gets a job delivering phone books.
(b) He stops drinking and becomes sober.
(c) He settles down and gets married.
(d) He becomes a Green Beret in Vietnam.

5. Why do the Germans take pictures of Roland and Billy?
(a) They like the Americans
(b) They are making postcards
(c) For propaganda purposes
(d) For official records

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Billy do the night before his daughter's wedding?

2. What play do the British officers perform for the Americans?

3. Which college did Vonnegut attend?

4. What does one of the German soldiers do to Roland Weary?

5. Which person dies on the railroad trip in Germany?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the Tralfamadorans answer Billy's question about being kidnapped?

2. What is unusual about the way Tralfamadorans view time?

3. Why were Roland Weary's feet so bloody?

4. Where does Billy wake up after falling asleep with the other prisoners in the stone cottage?

5. Why is it unusual for Kurt Vonnegut to appear in this book as a character?

6. Why does Vonnegut say this book will be "jumbled and jangled?"

7. Why is Billy afraid to drop down from the railroad car?

8. Why do the Tralfamadorans not believe in free will?

9. What happened to the army scouts who left Billy and Roland behind?

10. According to the aliens in Kilgore Trout's book, what is the flaw in the story of Christ?

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