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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bertram Rumfoord tell Lily about Billy?
(a) That Billy should be a private room
(b) That Billy would be better off dead
(c) That Billy was a private in the army
(d) That Billy used to be famous

2. Why did the Englishman say that Dresden would never be bombed?
(a) Because it had no war industries
(b) Because it was a neutral city
(c) Because it was too far from the border
(d) Because the prisoners of war were there

3. What is the source of the "animal magnetism" that Billy feels in the hospital?
(a) A vampire
(b) The nurse
(c) His coat
(d) An alien

4. Who finds Billy after the airplane crash?
(a) A boyscout troop hiking in the woods
(b) A ranger from a nearby station
(c) The barbershop quartet
(d) Two Austrian ski instructors

5. How do the Tralfamadorans view every creature and plant in the universe?
(a) As unique individuals
(b) As sacred beings
(c) As doomed souls
(d) As machines

6. What does Billy see in the bookstore in Times Square?
(a) A magazine with Montana Wildhack on the cover
(b) A recording of songs by the Four-Eyed Bastards
(c) A picture of himself taken by the German soldiers
(d) A book that describes the Tralfamadorans

7. What present does Billy give his wife at their eighteenth wedding anniversary?
(a) A tennis bracelet
(b) Diamond earrings
(c) A sapphire necklace
(d) A cocktail ring

8. What injury does Billy suffer from the airplane crash?
(a) He has broken his leg.
(b) He has only cuts and scratches.
(c) He has broken four ribs.
(d) He has a fractured skull.

9. Who was not permitted to enter Dresden after the bombing?
(a) German citizens
(b) American prisoners of war
(c) Russian soldiers
(d) German soldiers

10. What does Billy find outside the inn?
(a) A coffin-shaped wagon and two horses
(b) Paul Lazzaro with a knife in his hand
(c) The bodies of two German soldiers
(d) One of the German refugees

11. Why did Billy, Paul, and Edgar have to go to the theater from the hospital?
(a) To plan how to survive for the next month
(b) To see another performance of Cinderella
(c) To help elect a leader for their group
(d) To figure out how to built a new latrine

12. Of those below, who was not busy in Dresden after the bombing?
(a) Billy Pilgrim
(b) Bernard O'Hare
(c) Werner Gluck
(d) Edgar Derby

13. What work does Billy do as a prisoner of war?
(a) He counts passengers.
(b) He cleans and fills jars with syrup.
(c) He censors letters.
(d) He prepares meals.

14. What decision does Billy come to while he is in the hospital after surgery?
(a) Never to get into another airplane
(b) To protest the Vietnam War
(c) Never to get married again
(d) To tell the world about Tralfamadore

15. What happens while Billy is still unconscious in the hospital?
(a) His daughter gets married.
(b) His son joins the army.
(c) Reagan is elected president.
(d) His wife dies.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Billy believe that he will die?

2. What is the English translation of "Schlachthof-Funf?"

3. Where does Billy work while he is in Dresden?

4. Why did the Germans who survived the bombing flee from Dresden?

5. In addition to being Rumfoord's fifth wife, Lily is also. . .

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