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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Vonnegut think Dresden looked like?
(a) Oz
(b) New York
(c) Indianapolis
(d) Heaven

2. In addition to being Rumfoord's fifth wife, Lily is also. . .
(a) related to Billy Pilgrim
(b) a former go-go dancer
(c) an Air Force officer
(d) one of his former students

3. Who guards Billy and Edgar Derby as they work in the slaughterhouse?
(a) Paul Lazzaro
(b) Two blonde German soldiers
(c) An old man with one leg
(d) A sixteen-year-old boy

4. What does Billy find in the theater to wear?
(a) Cinderella's gown
(b) Somebody's fur hat
(c) A new overcoat
(d) Silver boots

5. What is the source of the "animal magnetism" that Billy feels in the hospital?
(a) The nurse
(b) A vampire
(c) An alien
(d) His coat

6. What is the name of the barbershop quartet who perform on the airplane?
(a) The Eyemen
(b) The Four-Eyed Bastards
(c) Sixteen Eyes, No Waiting
(d) The Four Febs

7. How does Billy start telling people about Tralfamadore?
(a) He writes a book that becomes a bestseller.
(b) By going on a television show and speaking to the host.
(c) On a radio show that broadcasts near his hotel.
(d) He writes a letter to the New York Times.

8. What does the author call the places where bodies were found in Dresden?
(a) Ground zero
(b) Corpse caches
(c) Body holes
(d) Corpse mines

9. What distracts Billy from Campbell's talk?
(a) Edgar Derby
(b) Heartburn
(c) Sleepiness
(d) Explosions

10. When does Billy believe that he will die?
(a) October 12th, 1980
(b) September 17th, 1979
(c) February 13th, 1976
(d) January 25th, 1982

11. Whom else board the plane
(a) Some other opthometrists
(b) Soldiers like Billy
(c) Aliens from Trafalmadore
(d) Government Bureacrats

12. What is Kilgore Trout doing when Billy first meets him?
(a) Eating lunch at a greasy coffee shop
(b) Complaining about his book sales
(c) Yelling at kids to sell newspapers
(d) Taking notes for a new novel

13. What is the one thing that causes Billy to cry during the war?
(a) He finds the body of a child who died from breathing smoke.
(b) He loses a clock that he found in one of the houses.
(c) He sees a beautiful woman having a picnic in the ruins.
(d) He sees that the horses pulling his wagon are in pain.

14. How does Billy help Edgar?
(a) He gives him a syrup lollipop.
(b) He offers to do Edgar's work.
(c) He reads to him at night.
(d) He hides things for him.

15. What decision does Billy come to while he is in the hospital after surgery?
(a) Never to get married again
(b) To protest the Vietnam War
(c) To tell the world about Tralfamadore
(d) Never to get into another airplane

Short Answer Questions

1. Which sport are Kilgore Trout's aliens most interested in?

2. Which of these was not the subject of a book by Kilgore Trout?

3. Where do the American prisoners sleep that night?

4. Who was not permitted to enter Dresden after the bombing?

5. What does the Head Englishman give the American soldiers in the theater?

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