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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do they find in the ruins of a building?
(a) An American prisoner who had been missing
(b) The body of a priest clutching a rosary
(c) One small child who survived the fires
(d) Dozens of unmarked corpses

2. In addition to being Rumfoord's fifth wife, Lily is also. . .
(a) a former go-go dancer
(b) an Air Force officer
(c) related to Billy Pilgrim
(d) one of his former students

3. Who used to live in the room where Billy stays?
(a) Truman Capote
(b) Alexander Woolcott
(c) Dorothy Parker
(d) George Jean Nathan

4. What does the barbershop quartet at the anniversary party remind Billy of?
(a) The barbershop quartet who died in the airplane crash
(b) The ushers at his wedding eighteen years earlier
(c) The pallbearers at the funeral for is father
(d) The four guards who survived the bombing in Dresden

5. Who was in the camp hospital with Billy when he woke up?
(a) Edgar Derby and Paul Lazzaro
(b) No one
(c) Roland Weary and Edgar Derby
(d) A British Officer

6. Who broke Paul Lazzaro's arm?
(a) A Russian Prisoner of war
(b) Billy Pilgrim
(c) A German soldier
(d) The Blue Fairy Godmother

7. What present does Billy give his wife at their eighteenth wedding anniversary?
(a) Diamond earrings
(b) A sapphire necklace
(c) A cocktail ring
(d) A tennis bracelet

8. What, according to Paul Lazzaro, is the sweetest thing on Earth?
(a) Family
(b) Sex
(c) Vanilla Ice Cream
(d) Revenge

9. How long does Billy stay in Dresden before it is bombed?
(a) Two months
(b) Thirty days
(c) Three weeks
(d) Six months

10. What happens in The Big Board, the novel written by Kilgore Trout?
(a) A man tries to investigate a murder that takes place in the future.
(b) A robot starts to think that he is experiencing time travel.
(c) A man and woman are kidnapped by aliens and displayed in a zoo.
(d) The lone survivor of an airplane crash begins to experience the memories of those who died.

11. What is Kilgore Trout doing when Billy first meets him?
(a) Eating lunch at a greasy coffee shop
(b) Complaining about his book sales
(c) Yelling at kids to sell newspapers
(d) Taking notes for a new novel

12. Who is Howard J. Campbell?
(a) The owner of the factory Billy works in
(b) One of the American generals
(c) An American who joined the Nazi Party
(d) One of the prisoners of war

13. What is the source of the "animal magnetism" that Billy feels in the hospital?
(a) His coat
(b) A vampire
(c) The nurse
(d) An alien

14. What happened to Billy's partner?
(a) He escaped after two days.
(b) He was shot for stealing.
(c) He died from throwing up.
(d) He was beaten to death by a guard.

15. What is the English translation of "Schlachthof-Funf?"
(a) Surgical-Office
(b) Sausage-Factory
(c) Fun-House
(d) Slaughterhouse-Five

Short Answer Questions

1. Who guards Billy and Edgar Derby as they work in the slaughterhouse?

2. Professor Rumfoord is said to resemble. . .

3. Where did the diamond in Valencia's engagement ring come from?

4. Why did Billy, Paul, and Edgar have to go to the theater from the hospital?

5. Who is the first person Billy sees when he wakes up after surgery?

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