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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did the English prisoners give their latrine to the Americans?
(a) They wanted the Americans to feel at home.
(b) They were disgusted by the Americans' messiness.
(c) They did not need the latrine because they had another one.
(d) They wanted to be as friendly as possible.

2. Who, according to the author, died two days before he wrote this chapter?
(a) Billy Pilgrim
(b) Kurt Vonnegut's father
(c) John F. Kennedy
(d) Robert Kennedy

3. Who offers the American prisoners shelter after the bombing?
(a) The Red Cross
(b) A factory owner
(c) A blind innkeeper
(d) An abbess in a nunnery

4. What happens in The Big Board, the novel written by Kilgore Trout?
(a) The lone survivor of an airplane crash begins to experience the memories of those who died.
(b) A robot starts to think that he is experiencing time travel.
(c) A man and woman are kidnapped by aliens and displayed in a zoo.
(d) A man tries to investigate a murder that takes place in the future.

5. What is Paul Lazzaro most proud of?
(a) He never hurt an innocent bystander.
(b) He never stole anything in his life.
(c) He never told a lie to another.
(d) He was able to fight as a boxer.

6. What do Billy, Werner, and Edgar find instead of a kitchen?
(a) A large shower with naked girls in it
(b) A pen filled with the bodies of animals
(c) A library stuffed with old books
(d) A room that holds luggage from refugees

7. What do they find in the ruins of a building?
(a) An American prisoner who had been missing
(b) The body of a priest clutching a rosary
(c) Dozens of unmarked corpses
(d) One small child who survived the fires

8. Who catches Billy at his crime?
(a) Edgar Derby
(b) Werner Gluck
(c) A German refugee
(d) Paul Lazzaro

9. How does Billy start telling people about Tralfamadore?
(a) He writes a book that becomes a bestseller.
(b) He writes a letter to the New York Times.
(c) On a radio show that broadcasts near his hotel.
(d) By going on a television show and speaking to the host.

10. In addition to being Rumfoord's fifth wife, Lily is also. . .
(a) one of his former students
(b) a former go-go dancer
(c) an Air Force officer
(d) related to Billy Pilgrim

11. Where does Billy work while he is in Dresden?
(a) In a kitchen
(b) In a railroad station
(c) In a factory
(d) In a library

12. What is Kilgore Trout doing when Billy first meets him?
(a) Taking notes for a new novel
(b) Yelling at kids to sell newspapers
(c) Complaining about his book sales
(d) Eating lunch at a greasy coffee shop

13. Who died a month earlier than that?
(a) Fifty-eight soldiers in Vietnam
(b) Martin Luther King, Jr.
(c) Montana Wildhack
(d) Robert Kennedy

14. What did the Polish song remind Billy about?
(a) How much he misses being with his wife
(b) A vacation he took once to Poland
(c) Seeing a Polish farm laborer hung in Dresden
(d) The accent of the Polish prisoners of war

15. Who was not permitted to enter Dresden after the bombing?
(a) Russian soldiers
(b) American prisoners of war
(c) German soldiers
(d) German citizens

Short Answer Questions

1. What present does Billy give his wife at their eighteenth wedding anniversary?

2. What distracts Billy from Campbell's talk?

3. What happens while Billy is still unconscious in the hospital?

4. How does Billy leave the hospital?

5. Why did the Englishman say that Dresden would never be bombed?

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