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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do stars look like to Tralfamadorans?
(a) Glowing bouncing balls
(b) Pulsating circles of light
(c) Strings of luminous spaghetti
(d) Hexagonal specks of light

2. What does the hobo in Billy's railroad boxcar tell him?
(a) That he's been hungry for weeks.
(b) That he knows him from somewhere.
(c) That he has been in worse situations than this.
(d) The secrets of Trafalmadore.

3. What is the only book Billy can read on the trip to Tralfamadore?
(a) How Green Was My Valley
(b) The Valley of the Dolls
(c) The Dollhouse Murders
(d) The Sorrow and the Pity

4. How long had the British soldiers been prisoners of war?
(a) A year and a half
(b) Two years
(c) Four years
(d) Eight months

5. Where is Billy when he wakes up from his dream?
(a) Sitting on his couch, watching a war movie
(b) Waiting for his wife to wake up and get dressed
(c) Back in the Carlsbad Caverns, in the dark
(d) In a mental ward, three years after the war

6. What does Billy compare the guard's railroad car to?
(a) A movie set
(b) Heaven
(c) A brothel
(d) A palace

7. What, according to the Tralfamadoran, is a concept that only appears on Earth?
(a) Time
(b) Charity
(c) Free will
(d) Love

8. This took place in:
(a) Rome
(b) Munich
(c) Dresden
(d) Paris

9. Where does Billy time travel to while in the showers?
(a) He recalls nearly drowning in the swimming pool.
(b) He goes back to the night when he was kidnapped.
(c) He becomes an infant being washed by his mother.
(d) He returns to the Lion's Club dinner in 1957.

10. Who dies in the railroad boxcars?
(a) Roland Weary
(b) Wild Bob
(c) Bernard O'Hare
(d) Kurt Vonnegut

11. How did Billy Pilgrim learn to swim?
(a) He used to go swimming with other boys in a local creek.
(b) He took lessons from a girl in a blue swimming suit.
(c) He was on a sail boat that capsized during a storm.
(d) His father threw him into the deep end of a swimming pool.

12. What name does Roland Weary give to the group of lost soldiers?
(a) The Three Musketeers
(b) The Lost Souls
(c) The Band of Brothers
(d) The Last Warriors

13. What is unique about the coat Billy Pilgrim gets from the Germans?
(a) It was made to be worn by a woman.
(b) It's the only coat from a civilian.
(c) It has silver buttons on the collar and cuffs.
(d) It is the only one made from blue fabric.

14. Who rescues Billy from being beaten by Roland Weary?
(a) The Tralfamadorans
(b) A patrol of German soldiers
(c) American Army Scouts
(d) Bernard O'Hare

15. What is unusual about the war movie Billy watches?
(a) The characters in the movie start talking to Billy.
(b) It plays backwards and then forwards again.
(c) It stars Roland Weary as the hero of the story.
(d) It is about Billy's own experiences in the war.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Billy's son Robert straighten out his life?

2. Why does Vonnegut stop at the Hudson River on the way to see his friend Bernard O'Hare?

3. Why does Mary O'Hare get angry at Kurt Vonnegut?

4. What play do the English prisoners put on to welcome the Americans?

5. Why does one of the Germans beat up an American prisoner of war?

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