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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when Billy tries to sleep in the railroad car?
(a) The railroad car starts moving too fast to sleep.
(b) Someone in the darkness starts screaming loudly.
(c) The other soldiers tell him to go lie down someplace else.
(d) The guards start searching through the railroad car.

2. Vonnegut dedicates the book to Mary O'Hare and Gerhard Müller. Who is Gerhard Müller?
(a) A guard in the prison camp
(b) A policeman in Chicago
(c) The author of a book on massacres
(d) A taxi-driver in Dresde

3. What present does Billy give his wife at their eighteenth wedding anniversary?
(a) A cocktail ring
(b) A sapphire necklace
(c) A tennis bracelet
(d) Diamond earrings

4. What does the Head Englishman give the American soldiers in the theater?
(a) Boxes of pears and apples
(b) A radio tuned to an English station
(c) A map of the prison camp
(d) A lecture on hygiene

5. Why did the German soldiers throw Billy into a shrubbery?
(a) They were angry at him for smiling so much.
(b) So they could take a picture of his
(c) They wanted to play hide and seek with him.
(d) They wanted him to help with the gardening.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who, according to the author, died two days before he wrote this chapter?

2. How long had the British soldiers been prisoners of war?

3. In New York, Billy stays at which hotel?

4. Who does Barbara Pilgrim say she would like to kill?

5. According to this book, by the late nineteen seventies, the United States of America has been. . .

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