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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Billy see in the Carlsbad Caverns when the lights are switched off?
(a) About a million bats falling out of an opening
(b) Nothing; he is left in total darkness
(c) The silhouette of the Ranger's hat
(d) His father's pocket watch glowing in the dark

2. Why do the Germans laugh at Billy's coat?
(a) It is made out of blue silk
(b) It is much too small for him
(c) He is wearing it backwards
(d) It has lace trim on the cuffs

3. What does the hobo in Billy's railroad boxcar tell him?
(a) That he's been hungry for weeks.
(b) That he knows him from somewhere.
(c) The secrets of Trafalmadore.
(d) That he has been in worse situations than this.

4. What is the one thing that causes Billy to cry during the war?
(a) He loses a clock that he found in one of the houses.
(b) He sees that the horses pulling his wagon are in pain.
(c) He sees a beautiful woman having a picnic in the ruins.
(d) He finds the body of a child who died from breathing smoke.

5. What does the barbershop quartet at the anniversary party remind Billy of?
(a) The barbershop quartet who died in the airplane crash
(b) The ushers at his wedding eighteen years earlier
(c) The four guards who survived the bombing in Dresden
(d) The pallbearers at the funeral for is father

Short Answer Questions

1. What name does Roland Weary give to the group of lost soldiers?

2. Where do the American prisoners sleep that night?

3. What play do the English prisoners put on to welcome the Americans?

4. Who is Howard J. Campbell?

5. What does Billy do when he gets drunk at the party in 1961?

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