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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Billy see in the Carlsbad Caverns when the lights are switched off?
(a) The silhouette of the Ranger's hat
(b) About a million bats falling out of an opening
(c) His father's pocket watch glowing in the dark
(d) Nothing; he is left in total darkness

2. What did Billy know when he boarded the airplane to Montreal?
(a) That his wife was planning to leave him
(b) That he would never return home
(c) That his business was going bankrupt
(d) That the plane was going to crash

3. What does Billy compare the guard's railroad car to?
(a) A movie set
(b) Heaven
(c) A palace
(d) A brothel

4. What is the first thing both the Germans and the Tralfamadorans have Billy do?
(a) Promise not to run away
(b) Write a letter to his family
(c) Take off his clothes
(d) Sit in a corner by himself

5. What do the Tralfamadorans say when a person dies?
(a) No one really dies.
(b) That's a pity.
(c) So it goes.
(d) Rejoice!

Short Answer Questions

1. What do stars look like to Tralfamadorans?

2. How long does Billy stay in Dresden before it is bombed?

3. What is the only book Billy can read on the trip to Tralfamadore?

4. Who is Howard J. Campbell?

5. How does Billy's son Robert straighten out his life?

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