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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What distracts Billy from Campbell's talk?
(a) Sleepiness
(b) Edgar Derby
(c) Explosions
(d) Heartburn

2. What does the Head Englishman give the American soldiers in the theater?
(a) A radio tuned to an English station
(b) A lecture on hygiene
(c) Boxes of pears and apples
(d) A map of the prison camp

3. Where is Billy when he wakes up from his dream?
(a) Back in the Carlsbad Caverns, in the dark
(b) Sitting on his couch, watching a war movie
(c) Waiting for his wife to wake up and get dressed
(d) In a mental ward, three years after the war

4. What does one of the German soldiers do to Roland Weary?
(a) Takes away his uniform
(b) Beats him with a rifle
(c) Spits on his shoulder
(d) Mocks his accent

5. How long does Billy stay locked in a railroad boxcar before it starts moving?
(a) Two days
(b) Five days
(c) One day
(d) Ten hours

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Billy's position in the war?

2. What does Barbara think is wrong with Billy when she finds him in his cold house?

3. Who was in the camp hospital with Billy when he woke up?

4. What is the only book Billy can read on the trip to Tralfamadore?

5. Kurt Vonnegut tells Mary O'Hare that he is going to call his book:

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