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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Billy time travel to while in the showers?
(a) He goes back to the night when he was kidnapped.
(b) He becomes an infant being washed by his mother.
(c) He returns to the Lion's Club dinner in 1957.
(d) He recalls nearly drowning in the swimming pool.

2. How do the Tralfamadorans view time?
(a) As permanent fixtures, like the Rocky Mountains.
(b) As a gift that should be treasured like gold.
(c) It's a nuisance; time goes too slowly.
(d) Like a river that flows in one direction only.

3. What do the American pilots do when they see the prisoners of war walking through Dresden after the bombing?
(a) Drop packages of food
(b) Stop to rescue them
(c) Fire bullets at them
(d) Drop leaflets about freedom

4. What complaint is Billy's doctor trying to relieve?
(a) Billy has no appetite and has lost too much weight.
(b) It takes Billy hours to fall asleep at night.
(c) Billy finds himself weeping for no reason.
(d) Billy is unable to focus on his work.

5. When does Billy make his first public speech?
(a) At a Lion's Club dinner in 1957
(b) To his high school class in 1940
(c) In the POW camp in 1944
(d) On the radio in 1968

Short Answer Questions

1. This took place in:

2. How many novels has Kilgore Trout written?

3. What does the author compare the march of American prisoners to?

4. Who rescues Billy from being beaten by Roland Weary?

5. Who was Paul Lazzaro's one friend in the war?

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