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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Billy do after he leaves the hospital?
(a) He tells a radio audience that he was kidnapped by aliens.
(b) He goes back to Dresden to see what it looks like now.
(c) He leaves his wife for a movie star named Montana Wildhack.
(d) He writes a book about his war experiences.

2. What does Billy do the night before his daughter's wedding?
(a) He waits for the aliens to kidnap him.
(b) He takes a nap while watching televsision.
(c) He calls an old girlfriend on the phone.
(d) He talks to his old friend Bernard O'Hare.

3. What does Billy see in the Carlsbad Caverns when the lights are switched off?
(a) Nothing; he is left in total darkness
(b) The silhouette of the Ranger's hat
(c) About a million bats falling out of an opening
(d) His father's pocket watch glowing in the dark

4. Why does one of the Germans beat up an American prisoner of war?
(a) He was trying to escape from the POW camp.
(b) He was making fun of Billy Pilgrim.
(c) He was mimicking one of the other guards.
(d) He said something that the German did not like.

5. What was Edgar Derby's job before he joined the army?
(a) He was a high school teacher.
(b) He drove a forklift in a warehouse.
(c) He was an advertising executive.
(d) He worked in a toothpaste factory.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Tralfamadorans say when a person dies?

2. What did Vonnegut study in college?

3. Why did the German soldiers throw Billy into a shrubbery?

4. What question does Billy ask the Tralfamadorans?

5. Which person dies on the railroad trip in Germany?

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