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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What play do the English prisoners put on to welcome the Americans?
(a) Macbeth
(b) Hamlet
(c) Cinderella
(d) The Glass Menagerie

2. What, according to Vonnegut, will be the end of this book?
(a) Nothing would ever be the same.
(b) And that's the end.
(c) So it goes.
(d) Poo-tee-weet?

3. Where does Billy time travel to after the Carlbad Caverns?
(a) He travels to the moment of his death.
(b) He returns to the POW camp.
(c) He travels to another family vacation.
(d) He returns to basic training.

4. Who is Barbara Pilgrim?
(a) Billy's daughter, who also married an optometrist.
(b) Billy's first wife, who died in a car accident.
(c) Billy's mother, who is in a nursing home.
(d) Billy's second wife, who left him for another man.

5. One of Kurt Vonnegut's war buddies was killed for. . .
(a) stealing food.
(b) breaking an egg.
(c) attacking a guard.
(d) taking a teapot.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Billy make his first public speech?

2. What author does Eliot Rosewater tell Billy about?

3. When was Billy kidnapped by the Tralfamadorans?

4. Where does Billy find himself the morning after he becomes drunk at the party?

5. What did Vonnegut study in college?

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