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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What, according to Paul Lazzaro, is the sweetest thing on Earth?
(a) Sex
(b) Family
(c) Vanilla Ice Cream
(d) Revenge

2. Why did Billy, Paul, and Edgar have to go to the theater from the hospital?
(a) To help elect a leader for their group
(b) To figure out how to built a new latrine
(c) To plan how to survive for the next month
(d) To see another performance of Cinderella

3. What question does Billy ask the Tralfamadorans?
(a) Where his mother is.
(b) How his life will end.
(c) Where they are and how they got there.
(d) What life on Trafalmadore is like.

4. What, according to the Tralfamadoran, is a concept that only appears on Earth?
(a) Free will
(b) Love
(c) Time
(d) Charity

5. What does Billy dream about in the hospital?
(a) Marching next to Roland Weary
(b) Swimming in the Hudson River
(c) That he is a giraffe
(d) Flying over the battlefield

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Billy taken to the hospital during the play?

2. When was Billy kidnapped by the Tralfamadorans?

3. Who is Barbara Pilgrim?

4. What interrupts Billy's attempt at napping?

5. What play do the British officers perform for the Americans?

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