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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the Germans take pictures of Roland and Billy?
(a) For propaganda purposes
(b) They are making postcards
(c) They like the Americans
(d) For official records

2. How many novels has Kilgore Trout written?
(a) Three hundred
(b) Twenty-five
(c) Two dozen
(d) At least seventy-five

3. Who is Wild Bob?
(a) The name of a German shepherd in a POW camp
(b) A German guard who loved American cowboy movies
(c) The hobo Billy meets in the railroad car
(d) A colonel who lost his entire regiment

4. Where did the diamond in Valencia's engagement ring come from?
(a) Billy found it in Dresden
(b) Her father gave it to Billy
(c) The coat Billy wore in the POW camp
(d) It was an heirloom in Billy's family

5. Why is Billy taken to the hospital during the play?
(a) He starts throwing up.
(b) He faints and they realize he is feverish.
(c) He starts laughing and cannot stop.
(d) He starts coughing up blood.

Short Answer Questions

1. What surprised the British officers most about the American prisoners?

2. What response does Campbell get from most of the prisoners?

3. What distracts Billy from Campbell's talk?

4. Who wrote a fan letter to Kilgore Trout?

5. What do the Tralfamadorans do with Billy?

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