Objects & Places from Slaughterhouse-Five

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This German city was firebombed by the Allies.


Billy and the other Americans POWs are housed in this Dresden building.


Billy is kept in a zoo here.

Children's Crusade

A march in which many children died.

mustard gas and roses

Bad, rotten things smell like this.

The author promises the reader that the book will end with these words.


The city in New York where Billy and his wife Valencia live.

So it goes

This phrases marks every death in the book.

Weary's knife

It makes wounds that do not close.

Plane crash

This happens when Billy is going to an optometrist convention.

Sodom and Gemorrah

Biblical cities which God destroyed because there were wicked people living there.


A dog who is led by the Germans who capture Billy.

Sapphire ring

Billy gave this to Valencia on their eighteenth wedding anniversary.

Late movie

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