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Dresden - This German city was firebombed by the Allies.

Slaughterhouse - Billy and the other Americans POWs are housed in this Dresden building.

Tralfamadore - Billy is kept in a zoo here.

Children's Crusade - A march in which many children died.

mustard gas and roses - Bad, rotten things smell like this.

- The author promises the reader that the book will end with these words.

Ilium - The city in New York where Billy and his wife Valencia live.

So it goes - This phrases marks every death in the book.

Weary's knife - It makes wounds that do not close.

Plane crash - This happens when Billy is going to an optometrist convention.

Sodom and Gemorrah - Biblical cities which God destroyed because there were wicked people living there.

Princess - A dog who is led by the Germans who capture Billy.


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