Slaughterhouse-Five Fun Activities

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Short Story Time

What would it be like to be unstuck in time? Write a story about a character who, like Billy, is unstuck in time.

Tralfamadoran Fashions

Design your own alien costume based on the description of the Tralfamadorans.

Zoo Story

What was Monica's life like? Write three or four journal entries from her POV as she lives in the zoo.


Write or compose a piece of music that expresses one of the following concepts from the book:

the prisoner of war camp;

Billy Pilgrim;

the zoo on Tralfamadore;


Dresden after the fire bombing.

P.O.W. Poetry

Write a poem describing the experience of a prisoner of war.

At the Movies

Watch the movie adaptation of the novel and write a review.

Sticking Billy Back in Time

Try to create a timeline showing the major events from Billy's life. Include page numbers with each...

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