Slaughterhouse-Five Character Descriptions

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Billy Pilgrim's father

A barber in Ilium, New York.

Billy Pilgrim's mother

Billy visits her in a rest home in 1965.

Wild Bob

Shortly before dying, he gives a speech to imaginary troops.

Howard W. Campbell Jr.

An American Nazi.


See Wild Bob

Edgar Derby

He is caught and shot for stealing a teapot.

English colonel

See Head Englishman

Head Englishman

He believes that hygiene is important for a prisoner of war.

Paul Lazzaro

He thinks the sweetest thing in life is revenge.

Lionel Merble

Billy Pilgrim's father-in-law.

Bernard V. O'Hare

Kurt Vonnegut's old war buddy.

Mary O'Hare

Gets mad at Vonnegut for writing about the war.

Barbara Pilgrim

She worries that Billy is going senile.

Billy Pilgrim

He dresses like a clown during the war.

Robert Pilgrim

He joins the Green Berets.

Valencia Merble Pilgrim

She dies while on the way to see Billy in the hospital...

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