Slaughterhouse-Five Character Descriptions

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Billy Pilgrim's father - A barber in Ilium, New York.

Billy Pilgrim's mother - Billy visits her in a rest home in 1965.

Wild Bob - Shortly before dying, he gives a speech to imaginary troops.

Howard W. Campbell Jr. - An American Nazi.

Colonel - See Wild Bob

Edgar Derby - He is caught and shot for stealing a teapot.

English colonel - See Head Englishman

Head Englishman - He believes that hygiene is important for a prisoner of war.

Paul Lazzaro - He thinks the sweetest thing in life is revenge.

Lionel Merble - Billy Pilgrim's father-in-law.

Bernard V. O'Hare - Kurt Vonnegut's old war buddy.

Mary O'Hare - Gets mad at Vonnegut for writing about the war.

Barbara Pilgrim - She worries that Billy is going senile.

Billy Pilgrim - He dresses like a clown during the war.

Robert Pilgrim - He joins the Green...

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