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Short Answer Questions

1. What bothered Greg about the game strategy?

2. Whom did Greg boss around at the St. Peter's game?

3. How did Greg feel about having a tutor?

4. What person did Greg's coach asked him about?

5. Why was the battery on the camera low most likely?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Karen sketching, and how did Greg feel about it?

2. What kind of problems did Greg have in school?

3. What kind of role did Goldy have in Greg's life?

4. How did Greg get along with the other members of his team?

5. Why were Greg and Mtisha concerned about Ice? What made them think he might be getting himself into trouble?

6. What was unique about the proposed tutor, and how did Greg react to him?

7. Why did Greg have a confrontation with Mr. Parrish, and how did he react to the confrontation?

8. Why was Derek upset, and how did Greg respond to the situation?

9. How is the game with Latimer going by halftime?

10. How does Greg feel about visiting his former school?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

How does Greg feel about school? How does he feel about his academic subjects? What does he love, and what does he particularly hate? How does he feel about his own abilities?

Essay Topic 2

In the first game against Carver, Greg let Ice get to him. Describe the relationship between the two friends during the second game. How did this affect the overall outcome of the second game?

Essay Topic 3

Describe Greg's passion for basketball. What was his playing experience, and how does he feel about playing at Latimer?

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