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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why didn't Greg play much at Carver last season?
(a) He couldn't get baskets easily.
(b) He had hurt his ankle.
(c) He was too busy with his other clubs.
(d) His grades were too low.

2. What bothered Greg about the game strategy?
(a) He thought it was overly aggressive.
(b) He thought the plays were too obvious.
(c) He didn't think it was aggressive enough.
(d) He wasn't a starter.

3. Moms talks with Pops about ____________.
(a) Getting a job.
(b) Greg having a tutor.
(c) Becoming Greg's coach.
(d) Becoming a Guardian.

4. How did Moms feel about Greg and his schoolwork?
(a) She really cared.
(b) She was illiterate, so she didn't understand what was going on.
(c) She was overly strict.
(d) She didn't want to be involved.

5. What type of job did Pops have?
(a) Cab driver.
(b) Shopkeeper.
(c) He didn't have a job since he had been laid off.
(d) Coach.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many boys were at tryouts?

2. What happened to the teammates after the game?

3. For what was Latimer known?

4. How did Greg feel about his father?

5. What is Greg's nickname?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Nick think about the way that Greg played?

2. What were some of the things that Greg decided to film? How did the people around him react to the filming?

3. How did Greg get along with his family? Who were the members of his family?

4. Why did the doctors let Greg's grandma out of the hospital?

5. By the end of the book, how did Greg feel about being a team player?

6. How is Derek involved in the film making? How does Greg feel about it?

7. How does Coach Nipper feel about how the team is playing against Carver by halftime?

8. What type of school was Latimer?

9. How did Greg feel about his art lessons?

10. What happens when Derek loses the video camera?

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