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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Greg feel about his SAT score?
(a) He cried.
(b) He was amazed at how well he did.
(c) He was depressed by the score.
(d) He thought they were all right.

2. How did Greg feel about the truth in his life?
(a) He felt that truth was a necessity, no matter how harsh.
(b) He felt that it was always better to lie than hurt someone.
(c) He felt that they edged around.
(d) He felt that there were times and places to fudge the truth a bit.

3. What was the strategy for beating Carver, according to Greg?
(a) They had to knock out Brothers.
(b) They had to work as a team.
(c) They had to get the ball to him.
(d) They had to knock out Ice.

4. How did Ice's mom react to the party scene?
(a) It made her happy as she left to stay elsewhere.
(b) She didn't know about it.
(c) She was angry.
(d) She stayed as a chaperone.

5. How did Ice play the second half?
(a) He dominated the court.
(b) He was super aggressive.
(c) He seemed scared of Brothers.
(d) He was all right, but not great.

6. Why was Grandma sent home from the hospital?
(a) They thought she had a bad attitude.
(b) She wasn't doing worse or better.
(c) The family couldn't afford the hospital bills.
(d) They decided to treat her condition nutritionally.

7. Ice disappeared to ___________.
(a) He went to the store.
(b) The roof.
(c) The kitchen.
(d) The hallway.

8. Why was Mtisha calling after the Carver game?
(a) To see how Greg was doing in math.
(b) To congratulate Greg on the game.
(c) To see if Greg was going to go with her to Ice's.
(d) To see how his grandmother was doing.

9. What did Carver's center do to Jimmy?
(a) Tripped him.
(b) Grabbed him by the throat.
(c) He spat on him.
(d) Verbally taunted him about his parents.

10. How were the refs acting during the Carver game?
(a) They were favoring Latimer.
(b) They were lenient, letting the guys play out.
(c) They were calling every tiny little foul.
(d) They were favoring Carver.

11. What did Greg tell Ice that he looked like?
(a) A lawyer
(b) Like he was going to Hollywood
(c) Like he was Pig Pen
(d) A hoodlum

12. Why did Latimer think they were going to win against Carver?
(a) Ice was injured.
(b) They had beaten them the last time.
(c) They knew they were faster.
(d) Greg told them they would.

13. How did Greg feel watching the game at Carver?
(a) Excited.
(b) Depressed.
(c) Bored.
(d) Nervous.

14. What did Greg tell Ducky after the game?
(a) He should quit the team.
(b) He should not quit team.
(c) He had absolutely no talent.
(d) He did a fantastic job on the court.

15. What does Greg like to do sometimes when something good happens to him?
(a) He likes to journal about it.
(b) He likes to go off by himself to think about it.
(c) He draws his feelings.
(d) He replays the scenario for his film.

Short Answer Questions

1. How was Greg's main opponent responding to their game?

2. How did Greg feel about visiting Carver?

3. Where did Greg's camera show up?

4. What happened to Greg and his opponent two minutes before the end of the game?

5. What did Mr. Parrish think of Greg's movie?

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