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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Derek depressed?
(a) He failed the test.
(b) Slam was leaving.
(c) His team lost their game that day.
(d) He lost Slam's video camera.

2. What did Greg tell Ducky after the game?
(a) He should quit the team.
(b) He had absolutely no talent.
(c) He did a fantastic job on the court.
(d) He should not quit team.

3. What was it like playing against Ice?
(a) You could walk all over him.
(b) He was highly predictable.
(c) There was a good chance you would get hurt.
(d) You never knew what he was going to do.

4. How was Greg's main opponent responding to their game?
(a) He taunted them.
(b) He was impressed.
(c) He was getting mad.
(d) He upped his own game.

5. How did Ducky do in the game against Country Day?
(a) He had a new competence on the court.
(b) He acted like he knew what he was doing.
(c) He played very poorly.
(d) He finally got to Slam the ball.

6. How did Greg feel about Derek?
(a) He didn't trust Derek.
(b) He thought his brother was pesky.
(c) He thought it was good to have a younger brother.
(d) He resented Derek for losing the camera.

7. Why did Latimer think they were going to win against Carver?
(a) Greg told them they would.
(b) They knew they were faster.
(c) They had beaten them the last time.
(d) Ice was injured.

8. Why did ice say that he didn't have time to hang out?
(a) He didn't appreciate what Greg was turning into.
(b) He said he was too busy balancing things in his life.
(c) He didn't like basketball anymore.
(d) Being in separate schools was too difficult.

9. What did Greg do to Mtisha that was totally the right move?
(a) He set her up with Ice.
(b) He hugged her.
(c) He kissed her.
(d) He walked away from her.

10. To whom did Greg compare Mr. Greene?
(a) Goldy.
(b) Brothers.
(c) Ice.
(d) Pops.

11. What turned Nick away from Greg?
(a) His poverty.
(b) His game.
(c) His attitude.
(d) His drug habit.

12. What did Mr. Parrish think of Greg's movie?
(a) He was impressed, but mostly by Margie's work on it.
(b) He hated the realism of it.
(c) He thought it was boring.
(d) He wanted to submit it to a statewide art contest.

13. What did Mtisha get for Greg?
(a) A ticket to a game.
(b) His video camera.
(c) A cool jacket.
(d) A ring.

14. Who is in the game off the court according to Goldy?
(a) Everyone.
(b) Greg, Ice, and Mtisha.
(c) Just Ice.
(d) Just Greg.

15. What had happened to Willie King?
(a) He joined the Harlem Globetrotters.
(b) He had gone to prison.
(c) He had gone to college.
(d) He joined the NBA.

Short Answer Questions

1. How often did Grandma go to school when she was young?

2. What was the strategy for beating Carver, according to Greg?

3. How did Greg's team feel about the game between Latimer and Carver?

4. What were Moms and Pops fighting about?

5. Where did Greg go to find the camera?

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