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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mtisha told Greg that he had better be ready to prove that ___________.
(a) He was drug-free.
(b) He could show up on time.
(c) He loved her.
(d) He was studying.

2. Why did Derek buy more videotape?
(a) To record himself singing.
(b) He wanted to record his grandmother's history.
(c) He felt bad for losing the camera.
(d) To film his mother making dinner.

3. What did Carver's center do to Jimmy?
(a) Tripped him.
(b) Grabbed him by the throat.
(c) Verbally taunted him about his parents.
(d) He spat on him.

4. Why did Ducky get the whistle?
(a) For going the wrong way.
(b) For starting too soon.
(c) For aggressiveness.
(d) For traveling.

5. What was happening to the man on the street?
(a) He was getting beaten up.
(b) He was getting arrested.
(c) He was having a heart attack.
(d) He was putting on a show.

6. When were Carver and Latimer playing each other again?
(a) The next day.
(b) At the Tournament of Champions.
(c) The following week.
(d) They wouldn't have to play again.

7. Why did Greg feel hurt?
(a) No scout was coming to see him play.
(b) His father refused to come to the games.
(c) Nick wouldn't listen to him.
(d) The coach didn't like him.

8. How did Greg feel about Derek?
(a) He didn't trust Derek.
(b) He thought it was good to have a younger brother.
(c) He resented Derek for losing the camera.
(d) He thought his brother was pesky.

9. What did Greg tell Ice that he looked like?
(a) A lawyer
(b) A hoodlum
(c) Like he was going to Hollywood
(d) Like he was Pig Pen

10. Why was Mr. Harris in the office?
(a) He was recommending Greg for an award.
(b) He was getting some sad news.
(c) He was filling out the paperwork for Greg's award.
(d) He was trying to get Greg suspended.

11. How did Ice react when Greg confronted him about dealing drugs?
(a) He was angry.
(b) He said he couldn't get into trouble with his homies around him.
(c) He laughed at the idea.
(d) He walked off.

12. How many people were at Ice's party when Greg arrived?
(a) About 10.
(b) No-one had arrived yet.
(c) More than 50.
(d) At least 30.

13. What was unusual about Derek when Greg went home?
(a) He had a fever.
(b) He wouldn't stop talking.
(c) He had a limp.
(d) He was quieter than usual.

14. Why was Mtisha happy after the game?
(a) She had bet on the game and won.
(b) It was her turn to play.
(c) She happy Ice played so well.
(d) She was eager to get home.

15. Why did Greg like taking the bus to games?
(a) It gave them time to plan the strategies before the game.
(b) It gave him time to rest.
(c) It gave him a quiet time with his teammates.
(d) He loved how everyone looked at him when he got off.

Short Answer Questions

1. How often did Grandma go to school when she was young?

2. How did Ducky do in the game against Country Day?

3. How was Greg's team feeling by half time at the Carver game?

4. What was wrong with the girl?

5. Greg tells Miss Fowell that all adults __________.

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