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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Greg like to do sometimes when something good happens to him?
(a) He likes to journal about it.
(b) He replays the scenario for his film.
(c) He likes to go off by himself to think about it.
(d) He draws his feelings.

2. What did Greg have to adjust before he played?
(a) The score.
(b) His shorts.
(c) His attitude.
(d) His shirt.

3. How did Mtisha think Greg reacted to math?
(a) As if it were poison.
(b) As if it made him sick.
(c) As if it were a gift.
(d) As if he were scared of it.

4. How did Greg feel about playing against Brothers?
(a) He refused to do it.
(b) He was intimidated.
(c) He enjoyed the challenge.
(d) He thought it was too easy.

5. What did Mtisha get for Greg?
(a) A cool jacket.
(b) A ring.
(c) His video camera.
(d) A ticket to a game.

6. What happened to Nick's father?
(a) He broke his arm.
(b) He was sent to prison.
(c) He got a job as a coach.
(d) He was shot.

7. To whom did Greg compare Mr. Greene?
(a) Ice.
(b) Pops.
(c) Goldy.
(d) Brothers.

8. What role did Derek have when Greg was making his movie?
(a) He was the gopher.
(b) He was the assistant.
(c) He was supposed to stay out of the way.
(d) He was in charge of getting permissions signed.

9. How did Greg respond to his opponent's taunting during the game?
(a) He shoved his opponent.
(b) He walked off the court.
(c) His game faltered.
(d) He didn't let it affect him.

10. How did Greg feel about the truth in his life?
(a) He felt that there were times and places to fudge the truth a bit.
(b) He felt that it was always better to lie than hurt someone.
(c) He felt that truth was a necessity, no matter how harsh.
(d) He felt that they edged around.

11. Ice disappeared to ___________.
(a) The kitchen.
(b) The roof.
(c) He went to the store.
(d) The hallway.

12. How was Greg's main opponent responding to their game?
(a) He was impressed.
(b) He was getting mad.
(c) He upped his own game.
(d) He taunted them.

13. Why was Mtisha calling after the Carver game?
(a) To see if Greg was going to go with her to Ice's.
(b) To congratulate Greg on the game.
(c) To see how Greg was doing in math.
(d) To see how his grandmother was doing.

14. Who defended Greg to Parrish?
(a) Margie.
(b) Mtisha.
(c) The kids.
(d) Goldy.

15. Why was Derek depressed?
(a) His team lost their game that day.
(b) He failed the test.
(c) Slam was leaving.
(d) He lost Slam's video camera.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mtisha told Greg that he had better be ready to prove that ___________.

2. Why did Latimer think they were going to win against Carver?

3. Who is in the game off the court according to Goldy?

4. Where did Greg's camera show up?

5. Why was Mtisha happy after the game?

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