Slam! Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why is Greg so drawn to basketball?

Greg has a real talent for basketball, and he is also very tall.

2. What was interfering with Greg's basketball playing at school, and how does he feel about it?

Greg had poor grades, and it bothered him to think that his play time in basketball was in jeopardy because of the grades.

3. What was Greg's neighborhood like at night?

Greg's neighborhood was noisy and filled with crime at night.

4. What was Greg's neighborhood like during the day?

During the day, Greg's neighborhood was very busy, with people bustling about. It was nowhere near as dangerous as nighttime.

5. What was the basketball team at Latimer like?

Latimer's basketball team had lost every season it had ever played.

6. What type of school was Latimer?

Latimer was a magnet school. People from all around the city came to it.

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