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Chapter 1

• Greg plays basketball at Latimer, but he doesn't get along with his coach.

• He lives in an apartment in Harlem where the nights are rough, and the days are better.
• Greg's mom is called in to school to learn about his poor grades.

• He is offered a tutor.

• He is late for practice and only makes the team after playing one-on-one against the coach.

Chapter 2

• Ducky shows Greg Latimer's losing game record.

• Greg runs into Ice and Mtisha as he goes home.
• Greg and Mtisha wonder where Ice is getting money.

• Mtisha thinks Ice might be dealing, but Greg doesn't think that's the case.

Chapters 3-4

• Greg and his mom visit his grandmother in the hospital.

• Moms is upset that her mother is dying.
• Basketball practices are horrible.

• The coach and Greg don't get along, and Greg considers quitting.

Chapter 5

• Karen sketches Greg.

• Greg is introduced to...

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