The Sky Is Gray Short Essay - Answer Key

Ernest J. Gaines
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1. In the opening of the first chapter of The Sky is Gray, what is James waiting for and what is he going to do?

In the beginning of chapter one of the story, James is waiting for the bus and talks about taking out his handkerchief to wave it down so he and his Mama can get on it and go.

2. Describe the scene where James is waiting.

James and his mother are waiting on a gravel road that has weeds, trees, and fences on both sides. James sees cows in the pastures with smoke coming out of their noses because of the cold.

3. What does James imagine his mother is thinking about while they wait at the end of the gravel road during the opening of the book?

James states that he knows what his mother is thinking about. James says that Mama is thinking about home. He thinks Mama is wondering if there is enough wood for the fire, wondering if anyone is going to have to go out in the rain, and thinking about whether the hog will have to be put back in it's pen.

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