Daily Lessons for Teaching The Sky Is Gray

Ernest J. Gaines
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Objective: Chapter 1 In Chapter 1, we meet James and his Mama, Octavia. James tells the reader during the story how much he loves his Mama, but rarely do we see any type of reciprocated love from Mama. This lesson will discuss the relationship between Mama and James.

1) Class Discussion: Read the part of Chapter 1 when James talks about knowing what his Mama is thinking because they have been together for so long. Also, read the part about James talking about how much he loves his Mama. Why do you think the author felt it was important to bring up the point that James loves his Mama so much? Ask students for their thoughts about why Mama did not want James' feelings to show and why he had to always keep his emotions hidden. Have students describe the relationship between James and his Mama. Was it strong? If so...

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