The Sky Is Gray Character Descriptions

Ernest J. Gaines
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Alnest - This character is one of the two sympathetic white characters in the story and is little more than an offstage voice.

Auntie - This character is modeled after one of Ernest J. Gaines' relatives, Augustine Jefferson.

Dr. Bassett - This character is kept completely "offstage" and has a terrifying effect on Little John Lee.

Monsieur Bayonne - This character is a sincerely religious faith healer/musician but the religion they follow is heavily tinged with superstition.

The Boy - This character is somewhat out of place in this story.

Daddy - This character has a strong offstage presence and is most profound in their absence.

Helena - This character represents the greatest potential threat to one character's manhood according to this character's mother.

James - This character is the protagonist of the story, The Sky is Gray.

Mama - This character loves her children...

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