The Sky Is Gray Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ernest J. Gaines
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Chapter 1

• The story opens with a young boy (James) and his mother waiting for a bus.

• The road is an old gravel road and it's cold outside.

• The boys states that he knows what his mother is thinking.

• The boy knows that his mother is worried about everyone at home.

• When the boy is left at home, he knows his mother doesn't have to worry.

• The boy wants to put his arms around his mother and hug her but he doesn't because his mother has taught him otherwise.

• The boy knows that he can't show fear or signs of weakness because he doesn't want his mother to become upset. His mother has gotten upset at his brother, Ty and has whipped him for being scared.

• James has a tooth ache but doesn't want to tell anyone because he knows they don't have enough money to pay for pulling...

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