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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Buddy's back-up plan if the Messiah doesn't come?

2. Who convinces Buddy to give up his plans to blow up the Dome of the Rock?

3. What does Ellen Cherry decide is the root of Buddy's "hankering for apocalypse"?

4. Who sends flowers to Ellen Cherry and signs it "the Master of Disguise"?

5. Who or What do the objects in the drawer with Spoon think Phoenicians are?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Ultima and Ellen Cherry talk about art, Ultima says that some artists admit defeat and stop trying to be original. Ellen Cherry disagrees with this and says artists always strive for originality. Why do you think this conversation inspires her to begin painting again?

2. What is Uncle Buddy's reasoning for attempting to blow up the Dome of the Rock?

3. Robbins says that Conch Shell plays a major role in encouraging Painted Stick to venture out and find the ocean, but all she does is look out the window. In what way do you think she provides encouragement to Painted Stick?

4. Throughout the novel so far, Ellen Cherry seems to be cosmically bound to the group of objects. As they try to escape, Buddy catches two of them. Which objects does he catch and is Buddy also cosmically connected to the objects? Why?

5. Describe what happens to Spoon when she falls out of the window.

6. Describe the appeal of the belly dancer, Salome, to the male audience.

7. Without art and without Boomer, Ellen Cherry is beginning to feel that life is meaningless. What do you think Robbins is saying about the relationship between the meaning we give our lives and our endeavors and/or relationships?

8. Describe Ellen Cherry's feelings for Buddy after he tells her why he wants to destroy the Dome of Rock.

9. How can we interpret the fact that the ancient Salome performs the Dance of the Seven Veils in exchange for John the Baptiste's head and the modern Salome performs it because of Ellen Cherry's painting?

10. Describe what happens to Ellen Cherry when she plays the eye game looking at Spoon.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explore the significance of the title. Ellen Cherry comments that Salome has skinny legs for a belly dancer. Why do you think that Robbins chose this as the defining moment of the novel?

Essay Topic 2

There are definitely two different worlds in this novel. There is the human world and the object world. The object world, of course, is totally aware of and even engaged in the human world, but the opposite is not true. Explore the different qualities of these two worlds. In what ways, if any, do the objects actually influence or impact the course of events in the human world? Are there any features or aspects of the two worlds that clearly differentiate them from each other?

Essay Topic 3

Track the allusions to Wolfmother Wallpaper. Who or what is Wolfmother Wallpaper? What function do the allusions to Wolfmother Wallpaper play in the novel, if any?

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