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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose name does Ellen Cherry say when she goes to bed, after she has the realization about Buddy's desire for the apocalypse?
(a) Boomer.
(b) Ellen Cherry.
(c) Jezebel.
(d) Buddy.

2. What does Ellen Cherry decide is the root of Buddy's "hankering for apocalypse"?
(a) Religious fervor.
(b) Vanity.
(c) Cruelty.
(d) Loneliness.

3. What painting does Buddy accidentally uncover in Ellen Cherry's apartment?
(a) A nude Boomer under a purple elephant.
(b) A nude Boomer with a thousand tongues.
(c) The objects on a carousel.
(d) Spoon in a bowl of jelly.

4. What is the bumper sticker slogan that Ellen Cherry and Boomer sees as they are driving across the country?
(a) "Christains for Israel".
(b) "Some like it hot".
(c) "Project Whirrled Peas".
(d) "I'd rather be ---".

5. What "grave transgression" does Painted Stick commit?
(a) He misleads a human being seeking direction.
(b) He speaks to a human being.
(c) He strikes a human being.
(d) He abandons the other objects.

6. Who is left behind, never to leave the church?
(a) Spoon.
(b) Can 'o Beans.
(c) Dirty Sock.
(d) Conch Shell.

7. What do Verlin and Patsy want to see while they're in New York?
(a) Turn Around Norman.
(b) The Statue of Liberty.
(c) The Cathedral.
(d) The Turkey.

8. What gift does Spike give to the I & I ?
(a) A new stove.
(b) New chairs.
(c) A surround sound stereo system.
(d) A high definition TV.

9. What makes the I & I the most popular restaurant in the city?
(a) Ellen Cherry.
(b) The belly dancer.
(c) Ellen Cherry's art.
(d) The high definition TV.

10. Who does spoon hit when she falls out of the window of Ellen Cherry's apartment?
(a) Raoul.
(b) Ellen Cherry.
(c) Spike.
(d) Abu.

11. What is the other element in Boomer's sculpture?
(a) An ancient map of Palestine.
(b) Ellen Cherry.
(c) Painted Stick and Conch Shell.
(d) A geneology of Astarte.

12. Why do the objects need human help to leave New York?
(a) They need a guide.
(b) Conch Shell moves extremely slowly.
(c) It is prophesied that they receive human help.
(d) The door to the basement is locked.

13. Who dies at the end of the Sixth Veil?
(a) Ultima.
(b) Verlin.
(c) Spike.
(d) Patsy.

14. What does Ellen Cherry agree to do that pleases Spike while he's visiting her apartment?
(a) Put her hair in braids.
(b) Make friends with the belly dancer.
(c) Clean her apron.
(d) Try on a pair of shoes.

15. Where does the detective deposit Spoon after leaving the I & I?
(a) In the trash.
(b) With Ellen Cherry.
(c) He takes it home with him.
(d) He leaves it on the table at the I & I.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which painting does Ellen Cherry sell for $7000?

2. Why are the streets of New York deserted the night that Spike returns after being shot?

3. When we first see Painted Stick moving quickly, where is he going?

4. What is a matter of tradition for the Belly Dancer?

5. What is Buddy's back-up plan if the Messiah doesn't come?

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