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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Painted Stick strike?
(a) Spike.
(b) Turn Around Norman.
(c) Buddy.
(d) Ellen Cherry.

2. Who comes to visit Ellen Cherry for Christmas?
(a) Turn Around Norman.
(b) Patsy and Verlin.
(c) Boomer.
(d) Ultima.

3. Who comes to Buddy's apartment the night he is supposed to leave for Jerusalem?
(a) Patsy.
(b) Ellen Cherry.
(c) CIA officers.
(d) Israeli Secret Service officers.

4. What does Ellen Cherry notice about her apartment after the detective is there?
(a) Her drawers are all emptied.
(b) She can't find Spoon.
(c) Her phone cords are cut.
(d) Her window is shut.

5. What gift does Spike give to the I & I ?
(a) New chairs.
(b) A surround sound stereo system.
(c) A new stove.
(d) A high definition TV.

6. What does the detective see in Ellen Cherry's apartment to make him suspicious?
(a) A picture of Buddy.
(b) A newsclipping about Spike's shooting.
(c) A painting of Spoon.
(d) The check from Ultima.

7. Who hears Spike and Ellen Cherry after hours in the I &I?
(a) Ultima.
(b) The guard.
(c) Raoul.
(d) Abu.

8. What surprises Spoon about Painted Stick's reception of her after she rejoins the other objects?
(a) His laconic indifference.
(b) He amorous attentions.
(c) His eager questioning.
(d) His absent mindedness.

9. Why is Ellen Cherry's visit to Ultima a relief?
(a) Ultima reveals that she and Boomer never have an intimate relationship.
(b) Ultima sells several more of Ellen Cherry's paintings.
(c) Ultima tells her that the sculptor Boomer is working with is a man.
(d) Ultima gives her more money from Boomer.

10. Which painting does Ellen Cherry sell for $7000?
(a) Boomer with the tongues.
(b) The objects.
(c) A surreal landscape.
(d) Nude Boomer with an ice cream cone instead of loins.

11. What is Verlin doing when he faints?
(a) Getting into a taxi.
(b) Going to the bathroom.
(c) Walking down the street.
(d) Boarding an airplane.

12. What human emotion does Can 'o Beans say both Carols and Rap are rooted in?
(a) Rejoicing.
(b) Hope.
(c) Faith.
(d) Helplessness.

13. What makes the I & I the most popular restaurant in the city?
(a) The belly dancer.
(b) Ellen Cherry.
(c) Ellen Cherry's art.
(d) The high definition TV.

14. What is the other element in Boomer's sculpture?
(a) Ellen Cherry.
(b) An ancient map of Palestine.
(c) A geneology of Astarte.
(d) Painted Stick and Conch Shell.

15. What painting does Buddy accidentally uncover in Ellen Cherry's apartment?
(a) The objects on a carousel.
(b) Spoon in a bowl of jelly.
(c) A nude Boomer under a purple elephant.
(d) A nude Boomer with a thousand tongues.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ellen Cherry do with her paintings of the objects?

2. How do the objects manage to escape the church?

3. Who warns Ellen Cherry about the probable result of destroying the Dome of the Rock?

4. Why does Buddy say he's glad Boomer is in Jerusalem?

5. What is a matter of tradition for the Belly Dancer?

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