Skink--No Surrender Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why doesRichard not text Malley when he is waiting for her at the beach at the beginning of Chapter 1?

Even though Malley does not answer his calls, Richard does not text her. He is afraid that somebody else might have her phone, like his uncle. Uncle Dan takes away Malley's cell phone about twice a week as a punishment for misbehavior.

2. How and where do turtles lay their eggs?

Turtles make their way up from the water to the beach. The mother turtle deposits her eggs on the sand. Then she covers the eggs with a loose, churned mound of sand.

3. What does Richard carry for protection on the beach and why?

When Richard goes to the beach, he carries an aluminum baseball bat for protection. His mom makes him carry the bat whenever he goes to the beach after dark.

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