Skink--No Surrender Fun Activities

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Author Interview

Write ten questions that you would ask the author if you could interview him.

Map It

Use a blackline map to show Richard and Skink's travels.

Road Food

Research what food would have been available where Richard, Skink, Malley, and Tommy were. Create a list of foods they could have eaten by foraging, fishing, etc.


Create a diorama of the houseboat where Tommy and Malley were hiding.

Online Safety

Malley met T.C. online. Discuss with a group some rules that should be followed when online to be safe and avoid situations like Malley's kidnapping.

Ivorybilled Woodpecker

Draw a picture of the ivorybilled woodpecker.

Newspaper Article

Write a newspaper article that might have been written after Malley returned home safely.


Make a sculpture of Skink.

Malley's Diary

Write a diary entry or blog post that Malley might have written during or about her kidnapping...

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