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Essay Topic 1

Richard is conflicted over whether to tell his mother and Malley’s parents that she did not go to boarding school. Why is Richard conflicted over that decision, and why does he finally decide to tell? What does this reveal about his character?

Essay Topic 2

Deductive reasoning is used by Richard and Skink to find Malley. How do they use deductive reasoning, and how is that type of reasoning used to find Malley?

Essay Topic 3

Malley threatens to tell Richard’s mother about something he did. Why does she threaten to tell what Richard did, and why is Richard so concerned that Malley will tell his mother that he hesitates to share that Malley is missing? What does this reveal about both Malley and Richard's characters?

Essay Topic 4

Malley and Richard have a strong relationship. How would you describe their relationship, and why did this relationship...

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