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Chapters 1 to 3

• A man pretending to be Jim comes to Mick's house and pulls a gun on him.

• Mick kills the man who is pretending to be Jim.

• The man pretending to be Jim is Tony Traviola, a known crook.

• Mick picks up a gun from his sister's house to protect himself.

• Mick roughs up a group of men who were hurting a group of girls.

• Mick realizes that there is a boat with a video camera aimed at his house.

Chapters 4 to 6

• Mick uses his old badge to re-review the Victoria Barletta case.

• Mick learns that a television crew is making a show about the Barletta case.

• Maggie Gonzalez, who was at the clinic when Barletta disappeared, agrees to do an interview for the television show.

• Maggie backs out of doing the interview.

• Maggie tells Dr. Graveline that Mick is an informant in the Barletta case.

• Dr...

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