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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of cult is someone starting?
(a) A merging of Hopi and Navajo dances.
(b) One about an one-armed fugitive.
(c) One surrounding the Kachina Masaw.
(d) One about Billy Tuve and his vision of the shaman.

2. What did John Clarke have in his possession on the aircraft?
(a) A million dollars in counterfeit hundred dollar bills.
(b) A case of diamonds handcuffed to his wrist.
(c) A kilo of cocaine.
(d) Four pounds of meth.

3. Where is Billy?
(a) The tribal convention center.
(b) A pow wow.
(c) The second mesa.
(d) The jail awaiting a trial date.

4. Who takes Billy to his mother's house?
(a) Billy's uncle.
(b) Joe Leaphorn.
(c) Joanna.
(d) Sheldon.

5. What does Joanna hope will prove her kinship to John Clarke?
(a) A man who Clarke talks to just before boarding the plane that crashes.
(b) A document which was written by John Clarke stating paternity.
(c) An eye witness.
(d) DNA.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the cops find at the motel where Chandler is supposed to be?

2. What case has recently been solved?

3. Where is Billy?

4. Who does Joe find at the trading post?

5. Why can't Billy Tuve tell Cowboy and Jim what he is doing in the canyon when he gets the diamond?

Short Essay Questions

1. The focus on the possibility of rain continues in this chapter; name several hints that the weather may play a role in the story.

2. The fact that Sherman survives the shooting by Joanna could have several implications; name one of them.

3. How do the two characters introduced in Chapter 3 contrast with each other?

4. How is a Caucasian woman from New York related to a case that takes place on Navajo lands in New Mexico?

5. Why do you think the discussion of Kiva and Native American rites are included in Chapter 8?

6. What in this chapter may foreshadow a future event?

7. What seems to be a likely foreshadowing of a coming event?

8. What about the difference between white and Native American culture does Hillerman seem to be again emphasizing. Why do you as a reader respond to this obvious stereotyping?

9. Why do you think Fred Sherman, an ex-cop, is introduced as another "bad" guy?

10. How are Chandler and Plymale archetypes of the type of white man that imposed their way upon Native Americans?

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