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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do both Jim and Chee question about Joanna's purse?
(a) Why it is so heavy.
(b) How someone could carry an animal pelt as a bag.
(c) Who did the ornate beadwork.
(d) Why it was so tiny as to hold almost nothing.

2. Who does Joe find at the trading post?
(a) Shorty McGinnis.
(b) Joanna Craig.
(c) Billy Tuve.
(d) Louisa Berbonette

3. What does Chandler have to do with Seattle?
(a) He was raised in Seattle.
(b) His family's comglomerate is there.
(c) He is the suspect in an unsolved homicide in Seattle.
(d) His daughter goes to a boarding school there.

4. Why do the Zunis have their rain dance ceremony before their rodeo?
(a) Having it before rodeo kept the cowboys from getting hurt.
(b) So that it will rain and cool off the participants.
(c) So it will keep the dust down in the arena when it rains.
(d) Because there is a time lag between the dance and when the rain comes.

5. What does Plymale want Chandler to do?
(a) Find Joe Clarke's left arm.
(b) Kill Billy Tuve.
(c) Find the rest of the diamonds.
(d) Kill Joanna Craig.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Chandler pull out of a shaving cream container?

2. Where is Billy?

3. Who unsuccessfully goes to see Billy Tuve?

4. Who answers Sherman's phone?

5. What does the new law enforcement file contain?

Short Essay Questions

1. The focus on the possibility of rain continues in this chapter; name several hints that the weather may play a role in the story.

2. What in this chapter may foreshadow a future event?

3. What does Joanna say that gains Billy Tuve's attention and why?

4. Why do you think Hillerman stereotypes characters such as Chandler and Plymale, making them one-dimensional?

5. There are several inconsistencies in Chapter 13; name one of them.

6. How does Sam Pinto illustrate Joe's theory by enumerating a theoretical series of events?

7. Why do you think Fred Sherman, an ex-cop, is introduced as another "bad" guy?

8. Do you think Louisa's condemnation of the modern pollution of ancient myths is totally logical?

9. What seems to be a likely foreshadowing of a coming event?

10. How is a Caucasian woman from New York related to a case that takes place on Navajo lands in New Mexico?

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