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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who arrives in New Mexico at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) Jon Running Brave.
(b) Joe Leaphorn.
(c) Joanna Craig.
(d) Jim Chee.

2. Who tries to get Joanna's mother to abort Joanna and accept money?
(a) Plymale.
(b) John Clarke's uncle.
(c) Joanna's grandmother.
(d) John Clarke's father.

3. What has Louisa been doing on the canyon floor?
(a) Studying the layers of rock on the canyon wall.
(b) Setting up seismic recorders.
(c) Recording the oral histories of members of the Havasupai Tribe there for several days.
(d) Going through an initiation ceremony.

4. Where will they go after picking up Billy?
(a) To a Hopi ceremony.
(b) To the tribal police station.
(c) Into the canyon.
(d) To the temporary FBI headquarters.

5. Who answers Sherman's phone?
(a) The old shaman.
(b) Joanna.
(c) A cop named Mora.
(d) No one.

6. Where does Cowboy ask Chee to go with him?
(a) To see Billy Tuve again.
(b) To find out for sure what is in Joanna's purse.
(c) To talk to the jeweler's widow.
(d) To the canyon.

7. What does the new law enforcement file contain?
(a) A case of rape and robbery.
(b) A case of blackmail.
(c) A robbery and homicide of a jeweler in the nearby town of Zuni.
(d) A case of embezzlement.

8. What does Joanna hope will prove her kinship to John Clarke?
(a) DNA.
(b) A document which was written by John Clarke stating paternity.
(c) An eye witness.
(d) A man who Clarke talks to just before boarding the plane that crashes.

9. Who unsuccessfully goes to see Billy Tuve?
(a) Plymale.
(b) Hinson.
(c) Cowboy and Jim.
(d) Joe Leaphorn.

10. What does Chandler tell Sherman?
(a) About how there are millions of dollars worth of diamonds some where in the canyon.
(b) That Joanna may show up and Sherman is to get rid of her.
(c) That the kid who is charged with the crime is not guilty.
(d) About the air crash and Joanna's quest.

11. What does Louisa tell Joe that he should have thought about himself?
(a) That Chee and Jim are now involved in the case.
(b) That Joanna's father is the one whose arm is handcuffed to the briefcase.
(c) To check when Billy has his intitiation rites to know when he met the shaman.
(d) That the Hopi tribe on the canyon floor are unwilling to produce the shaman.

12. Of what does Chee dream?
(a) Of becoming a shaman, a holy man, for his people.
(b) Of learning the white man's ways enough to defeat them legally.
(c) Having children with Bernie and teaching one of them to be a shaman.
(d) Of finding the diamonds and the old man.

13. What did John Clarke have in his possession on the aircraft?
(a) A case of diamonds handcuffed to his wrist.
(b) A kilo of cocaine.
(c) A million dollars in counterfeit hundred dollar bills.
(d) Four pounds of meth.

14. How does Billy become mentally challenged?
(a) He is rolled on by a horse as a young boy.
(b) He had a brain tumor removed.
(c) He suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome.
(d) He was born with Down's Syndrome.

15. What does Cowboy Dashee want Joe to do?
(a) Help prove Billy Tuve's innocence.
(b) Speak at a Tribal Governing Council.
(c) Take his cousin Billy out to find the shaman who has the diamonds.
(d) Fly to Denver to interview Joanna Craig.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Billy Tuve is silent and non-responsive?

2. For what is Joanna Craig searching?

3. Who takes Billy to his mother's house?

4. What is Joe attempting to do?

5. What does Bernie want to do?

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