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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why can't Billy Tuve tell Cowboy and Jim what he is doing in the canyon when he gets the diamond?
(a) He can tell them but it has to be in the Hopi native tongue.
(b) He is on "Kiva" business and therefore it is secret.
(c) Someone has told him they will kill his mother if he tells.
(d) He cannot remember the original reason he went there.

2. What do Sherman and Chandler think will be easier than finding John Craig's arm?
(a) Finding the shaman.
(b) Preventing someone else from finding the arm.
(c) Finding the diamonds.
(d) Buying off the jury.

3. Who takes Billy to his mother's house?
(a) Joanna.
(b) Billy's uncle.
(c) Joe Leaphorn.
(d) Sheldon.

4. What do the cops find at the motel where Chandler is supposed to be?
(a) No one.
(b) Joanna.
(c) Sherman.
(d) Joe Leaphorn.

5. What saves Jim from a crazy woman who believed him to be a skinwalker?
(a) A dream.
(b) A coyote howl.
(c) His pan trap that she tripped and made a racket.
(d) His stray cat.

6. Why is Billy Tuve is silent and non-responsive?
(a) Because he does not speak English.
(b) Because he is intimidated by this strong, white woman.
(c) Because he believes white people always want something.
(d) Because he was beaten in jail.

7. Who tells a story to support Joe's theory?
(a) Billy Tuve.
(b) Sam Pinto.
(c) Chief Joseph Brown.
(d) Joe Running Brave.

8. What does Joanna do when she observes Billy get in a car with someone and leave?
(a) Gets out her pistol and follows them.
(b) Goes back to town.
(c) Calls 911.
(d) Calls Joe Leaphorn.

9. About what does Joe ask Shorty?
(a) If he has any idea where Billy Tuve got a valuable diamond.
(b) The diamond he claimed on his insurance form after a robbery.
(c) Why Shorty doesn't move to a more populated area of the res.
(d) If Shorty remembers seeing Billy Tuve the week before.

10. What does Chandler have to do with Seattle?
(a) He is the suspect in an unsolved homicide in Seattle.
(b) He was raised in Seattle.
(c) His daughter goes to a boarding school there.
(d) His family's comglomerate is there.

11. What kind of cult is someone starting?
(a) One surrounding the Kachina Masaw.
(b) One about an one-armed fugitive.
(c) A merging of Hopi and Navajo dances.
(d) One about Billy Tuve and his vision of the shaman.

12. What are flyers offering?
(a) Ten thousand dollars for the arm and briefcase.
(b) An initiation into the Bear clan even if you are not Hopi.
(c) Ten thousand dollars for anyone who can find the shaman with the diamonds.
(d) A thousand dollars for Billy's life.

13. What upsets Joe about Shorty's death?
(a) That Joe never said goodbye to Shorty.
(b) That all Joe's old friends are dying.
(c) That Shorty was younger than Joe.
(d) Nothin; Joe does not know Shorty.

14. What does Cowboy Dashee want Joe to do?
(a) Speak at a Tribal Governing Council.
(b) Fly to Denver to interview Joanna Craig.
(c) Help prove Billy Tuve's innocence.
(d) Take his cousin Billy out to find the shaman who has the diamonds.

15. Who tries to get Joanna's mother to abort Joanna and accept money?
(a) Joanna's grandmother.
(b) Plymale.
(c) John Clarke's father.
(d) John Clarke's uncle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Billy Tuve try to hock?

2. Who is Billy Tuve?

3. As Bernadette Manuelito sweetly remembers things about Jim Chee, what happens?

4. Who is Fred Sherman?

5. What is the only evidence at this point that Joanna has to prove her relationship to John Clarke?

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