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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Bernie assigned to stay?
(a) In a small cave hidden by brush.
(b) At a Hopi tent site.
(c) At the foot of the sacred Hopi Salt Trail that leads to the Salt Woman Shrine.
(d) In the base camp.

2. What has Louisa been doing on the canyon floor?
(a) Recording the oral histories of members of the Havasupai Tribe there for several days.
(b) Going through an initiation ceremony.
(c) Studying the layers of rock on the canyon wall.
(d) Setting up seismic recorders.

3. What does Chandler manage to do while they are talking?
(a) To stash his gun in his boot so Joanna does not know he has one.
(b) To hit a high powered alarm that will bring Plymale right to the two of them.
(c) Get his hunting knife into the hand that is hidden from Joanna's sight.
(d) To take Joanna's gun from her backpack.

4. What does Chandler do for a living?
(a) Actor.
(b) Bounty hunter and skip tracer.
(c) CEO of his family's firm.
(d) Assassin.

5. How is Joanna able to invoke the attorney-client privilege?
(a) She is an attorney and she declares Billy as her client.
(b) She brings her attorney with her.
(c) She asks Billy to declare her his guardian ad litem.
(d) She does so but it is not a legal manuever.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Chandler position himself?

2. Who leads Joanna down the most dangerous part of the trail and leaves her some water?

3. What does Cowboy Dashee want Joe to do?

4. What is a bane to sheep and cattle herders throughout the American Southwest?

5. What does Plymale want Chandler to do?

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