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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Randy do after 24 hours alone?

2. How did Richard get the word processor?

3. What is Mrs. Carmody rumored to be?

4. Who is Mike Scollay?

5. To what city does Mrs. Todd offer to take Homer?

Short Essay Questions

1. Stephen King is apparently trying to make his reader think when reading "The Jaunt." Do you think King wrote this story with that challenge in mind, or do you think he wrote it for pure entertainment?

2. Stella uses the same excuse when anyone asks her why she never crossed to the mainland. She would say that she had everything she needed on Goat Island. What do you think Stella finally thought she needed on the mainland that she couldn't get on Goat Island that made her decide to cross The Reach?

3. In "Nona," an innocent and once-upstanding man falls prey to the wiles of a sadistic, evil woman. Giving in to his "darker" side, he performs obscene, despicable acts at the whim of Nona. What do you think King is trying to say with this short story?

4. The Reach is a mysterious stretch of water between Goat Island and the mainland, and Stella had never crossed it in all of her many years. What do you think an accomplishment of this sort would mean to a lady like Stella?

5. Rumor had it that Gramma was a witch and apparently became one because she could not carry a baby to term. Do you think Gramma was justified to dabble in witchcraft to attain her dream?

6. Why do you think King bases his entire introduction on a seemingly mundane conversation with a friend?

7. There is a rumor in the family that Gramma did something to Franklin to make him die. Do you think the family is just overreacting to their guilt and loss by blaming it on Gramma?

8. The creator of the teleportation device used in the jaunt first experimented with mice. What is the significance of the first trip taken by the mice?

9. Often, a killer's choice of weapon will say a lot about that person. What do you think Spike's method of operation and choice of weapon say about him?

10. While Randy is trying to save Deke from being sucked between the cracks in the raft by the black, oil-like creature, what is Randy doing to try and stay sane through the unbelievable situation?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Stephen King is most well-known for his horror novels and stories. The majority of the stories contained within "Skeleton Crew" are no exception. However, there are a few stories which do not fall within King's typical genre. What do you think King's purpose was in including these off-genre stories in a book that is obviously intended to be horror?

Essay Topic 2

Irony is the discrepancy between expectation and reality. Outline how the events that take place in "The Jaunt" are an example of irony.

Essay Topic 3

The horror genre is one of the most uncomplicated forms of entertainment and is characterized by the author's effort to produce fear in the reader through the use of antagonists such as monsters, ghosts, or even feral animals. The basic concept is the same: the hero must fight against horrific forces for his life and often his soul. Choose one of the stories in "Skeleton Crew" and explain how it fits into the horror genre and how it follows the horror genre formula.

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