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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why can't George call for help for Gramma?
(a) The phone is making a strange noise.
(b) The phone is dead.
(c) None of the answers is correct.
(d) The house has no phone.

2. What does Uncle Otto do to finance the purchase of the land?
(a) Sells his home.
(b) Robs a bank.
(c) Sells his truck.
(d) Sells all of his stocks and bonds.

3. What happens to McCutchson?
(a) He is killed in a traffic accident.
(b) He is strangled by Otto.
(c) He is killed beneath his truck.
(d) He dies of a fever.

4. During what historical period was the looking glass made?
(a) Carolinian.
(b) Elizabethan.
(c) Georgian.
(d) Victorian.

5. What does Quentin see when he enters Uncle Otto's house after buying groceries for him?
(a) Uncle Otto is dead, full of oil, and a spark plug is in his throat.
(b) He sees the truck in Uncle Otto's room.
(c) He sees the spirit of McCutchson killing Uncle Otto.
(d) Uncle Otto has gone mad.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Henry kill himself?

2. What reasoning does Henry give for not shaking hands?

3. What items got Gramma fired from her job?

4. What is the implication for George at the end of "Gramma"?

5. Why does George's mother say his Gramma turned toward behavior that caused people to talk?

Short Essay Questions

1. Henry encourages a writer who apparently believes in the whimsical creatures about which he writes. Henry begins the encouragement out of amusement and boredom. Do you think the resulting actions leading to the writer's death were what Henry expected to happen?

2. Uncle Otto's business partner, George, was killed in an accident involving Otto's truck. Most people believe that Otto killed George over a business disagreement. Given the circumstances of the ending, do you think it was Uncle Otto or Uncle Otto's truck that killed George and why?

3. Rumor had it that Gramma was a witch and apparently became one because she could not carry a baby to term. Do you think Gramma was justified to dabble in witchcraft to attain her dream?

4. Gramma is fat, flabby, blind, and smells funny. She also often wears a sly, frightening appearance. Do you think she plays up her frightening aspects to keep the family in line?

5. The milkman in King's short stories is certainly not your ordinary milkman. He spreads death rather than cheer with wholesome milk. What about Spike makes his methods that much more unusual?

6. What type of irony can be found within "Survivor Type"? Be sure to use examples from the text to support your theory.

7. Richard Pine is a man who has made his fortune as a surgeon with his hands, but the rest of his life has been shady and complicated. However, through it all, he protected his hands. How do you think he felt when his hands were the only things he had left, and he was faced with eating those for survival?

8. What is an example of a metaphor used in "Beachworld" and what comparison is it trying to convey?

9. Think about the setting of "The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands." How does the setting of this story add to its scary feeling?

10. There is a rumor in the family that Gramma did something to Franklin to make him die. Do you think the family is just overreacting to their guilt and loss by blaming it on Gramma?

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