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Brighton, Maineappears in The Mist

This is the town where the storm occurs in The Mist.

Hartfordappears in The Mist

This is the whispered word of hope that is offered at the end of the story should another survivor find the manuscript.

Bathroomappears in Here There Be Tygers

A character mistakenly refers to this as "the basement."

Stuffed Monkeyappears in The Monkey

This supposedly caused the deaths of the main character's friends and his mother.

Poster of Humphrey Bogartappears in Cain Rose Up

This item is on the receiving end of the story of Cain and Abel.

The Jauntappears in The Jaunt

This is a type of teleportation which causes insanity in travelers who remain awake for the experience.

Morgan, Illinoisappears in The Wedding Gig

This us where "The Wedding Gig" is set.

Cascade Lakeappears in The Raft

This is the location where four college students are attacked...

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