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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part 4, how does Sizwe begin telling the audience about going to a bar with Buntu?
(a) By narrating the dream he had that night.
(b) By narrating his letter to Noweto.
(c) By shouting angrily about his memories of the bar.
(d) Through narrating his experience to Buntu the next day.

2. When Buntu comes out of the bar to join Sizwe in Part 4, what does he suggest?
(a) That they should find prostitutes.
(b) That he wants to have one more drink before leaving.
(c) That it's time to go home.
(d) That they should go back into the bar.

3. What does Buntu says he sympathizes with Sizwe for?
(a) The need to escape the bureacracy.
(b) Sizwe's anger at the system.
(c) Sizwe's desire to improve himself
(d) The belief that he is doing his best.

4. After Sizwe says he doesn't want to die, how does this effect Buntu?
(a) He becomes calmer.
(b) He begins to cry.
(c) He becomes angry.
(d) He becomes distant.

5. Why does Sizwe begin to tear off his clothes at the ending of Part 4?
(a) To cool off from the heat of his anger and drunkeness.
(b) To cover the dead man.
(c) To start a fight with Buntu.
(d) To show that he is "just a man".

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Buntu say the preacher compare death to in his speech?

2. What does Buntu proceed to to after explaining about the dead man's book to Sizwe?

3. What is the reason that Sizwe gives Buntu for not wanting to die yet?

4. What kind of trouble did Buntu also run in to although he was born in the area?

5. After explaining to Siswe his thoughts on death, what happens to Buntu's mood?

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