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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Buntu, what would make him dig his own grave?
(a) Losing meaning of life.
(b) Continuing to talk in the way he had just been.
(c) Learning his family had been killed.
(d) Living alone.

2. What kind of trouble did Buntu also run in to although he was born in the area?
(a) Earning respect from the community.
(b) Making enough money to feed his family.
(c) Getting his work permit.
(d) Getting his birth certificate.

3. What does Buntu tell Sizwe to do instead of continuing to live in the country they are in illegally?
(a) To leave and go to Japan.
(b) To only come on a tourist visa.
(c) To go home.
(d) To go home and come back to get a new passport.

4. What system of segregation exists during the time of this play?
(a) Apartheid.
(b) Muslims and Christians.
(c) Church and State.
(d) Privatization of banking and the government finance system.

5. What does Buntu remind Sizwe about the possibility of getting a new passbook?
(a) The low chances of being able to actually renew it.
(b) The ease of getting it with the right amount of money.
(c) The dangers of reporting it.
(d) The bureaucracy involved in it.

6. What is significant about the dead man's name?
(a) It was the name of a friend of Buntu's father.
(b) It was the name of a friend of Sizwe's father.
(c) It is the same name Sizwe gave Style when he first came into the photograph studio.
(d) It only consists of a first name.

7. After explaining to Siswe his thoughts on death, what happens to Buntu's mood?
(a) It changes to exhilarated.
(b) It gradually becomes angry.
(c) It slowly becomes darker.
(d) It snaps from dark to lighter.

8. At what affair did the preacher speak, according to Buntu?
(a) At a church liturgy.
(b) At a baptism.
(c) At a wedding.
(d) At a funeral.

9. After seeing Sizwe's information, what does Buntu realize?
(a) That Sizwe was lying about his identity.
(b) That Sizwe is not who he proposes to be.
(c) That Sizwe should have been back in his home country the day before.
(d) That Sizwe's age does not match his face.

10. How does Buntu answer to Sizwe's angry question regarding the dead man?
(a) He shouts that Sizwe is a real character.
(b) He yells that Sizwe is stupid.
(c) He laughs at Sizwe's naivete.
(d) He doesn't answer.

11. According to the preacher, at death, the soul gets to go...?
(a) Away.
(b) Aound the block.
(c) In peace.
(d) Home.

12. When Buntu sees the address of the dead man, what does he do?
(a) He refuses to go to that part of town.
(b) He encourages Sizwe to sell the book.
(c) He warns Sizwe to leave this book alone.
(d) He explains how rich that part of town is.

13. At the end of Part 4, what does Buntu collect after Sizwe drunkenly stumbles off?
(a) The money of the dead man.
(b) Sizwe's passbook.
(c) The dead body of the man.
(d) Sizwe's clothes.

14. What is the name of the first class liquor Sizwe is served at the bar with Buntu?
(a) Bangin' Banzi.
(b) Ms. Banzi.
(c) Brother Banzi.
(d) Mister Banzi.

15. What is the reason that Sizwe gives Buntu for not wanting to die yet?
(a) He needs to reconcile with his father.
(b) He has a wife and children.
(c) He is afraid of the day.
(d) He is young.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a common theme between what Styles went through to get his shop and what Sizwe would have to go through to get a new passbook?

2. In Part 4, how does Sizwe begin telling the audience about going to a bar with Buntu?

3. After Buntu's shoots down Sizwe's first two suggestions about the alleyway discovery, what is the next thing Sizwe continue to recommend doing?

4. What does Sizwe say in response to Buntu's concern over Sizwe's passbook?

5. What does Buntu say to Sizwe in regards to seeing Sizwe's information in Part 3?

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