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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By what name does Sizwe introduce himself to the people outside of the bar?
(a) Brother Banzi.
(b) Mister Sizwe.
(c) Mister Siswe Banzi.
(d) Mister Bansi.

2. .What does Buntu tell Sizwe to do after they have a fight outside of the bar?
(a) To remember this moment.
(b) To forget it all.
(c) To get lost.
(d) To come home.

3. What does SIzwe drunkenly wish to Buntu when Buntu decides to leave the dead man's body behind? .
(a) That Buntu could go home to his family.
(b) That Buntu could have a heart.
(c) That Buntu was dead.
(d) That Buntu would forgive himself.

4. Why in Part 4, does Buntu try to get Sizwe to leave the street outside the bar quickly?
(a) So he can get good night's sleep for work the next day.
(b) So as not to get caught by police.
(c) Because he wants to go to another bar.
(d) Because his wife will call soon at his home.

5. What does Sizwe want to do with what he has discovered in the alleyway?
(a) Hide him.
(b) Ignore him.
(c) Check his wallet.
(d) Help him.

6. At what affair did the preacher speak, according to Buntu?
(a) At a baptism.
(b) At a church liturgy.
(c) At a funeral.
(d) At a wedding.

7. What was the first suggestion by Sizwe to Buntu regarding his discovery in the alleyway?
(a) Turn the other direction.
(b) Report the crime.
(c) Check for a wallet.
(d) Hide the discovery.

8. Why does Sizwe begin to tear off his clothes at the ending of Part 4?
(a) To cool off from the heat of his anger and drunkeness.
(b) To show that he is "just a man".
(c) To cover the dead man.
(d) To start a fight with Buntu.

9. What happens to Sizwe when he tries to get home from the bar with Buntu?
(a) He gets held up by a thief.
(b) He gets lost.
(c) He starts speaking a different language.
(d) He meets a homeless person.

10. When does Buntu say is the only time a soul can be completely free?
(a) After fulfilling karma.
(b) After forgiving itself.
(c) In death.
(d) After being forgiving.

11. When Sizwe finally hands his passbook to Buntu, what does he say at that moment?
(a) What's in the book doesn't make him a man, but that it goes with you everywhere anyway.
(b) That this book makes him less of a man.
(c) That this book is his life, as ridiculous as that may seem.
(d) That Sizwe is not Sizwe, but Jacob.

12. What does Buntu say to Sizwe in regards to seeing Sizwe's information in Part 3?
(a) That now he's in real trouble.
(b) That he's a very smart man.
(c) That he should be ok as long as he leaves soon.
(d) That he should go undercover.

13. After introducing himself, what does Sizwe tell everyone he meets in Part 4 to do?
(a) Go back to their homeland.
(b) Boycott the bar.
(c) Thank their mothers.
(d) Go into the bar.

14. What is the name of the first class liquor Sizwe is served at the bar with Buntu?
(a) Mister Banzi.
(b) Ms. Banzi.
(c) Brother Banzi.
(d) Bangin' Banzi.

15. What was Buntu's suggestion about what he had found in the alleyway?
(a) To leave the area immediately.
(b) To celebrate.
(c) To pray that this wouldn't happen to them.
(d) To stay there until people arrived.

Short Answer Questions

1. After seeing Sizwe's information, what does Buntu realize?

2. What is significant about the dead man's name?

3. What does Sizwe show Buntu at the beginning of Part 3?

4. In Part 4, how does Sizwe begin telling the audience about going to a bar with Buntu?

5. What might Buntu's story about Jacob be meant to offer Sizwe?

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