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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Buntu proceed to to after explaining about the dead man's book to Sizwe?
(a) Take the dead man's clothes.
(b) Takes the dead man's money.
(c) Takes the dead man's book.
(d) Walk away.

2. What does Buntu says he sympathizes with Sizwe for?
(a) Sizwe's anger at the system.
(b) The need to escape the bureacracy.
(c) The belief that he is doing his best.
(d) Sizwe's desire to improve himself

3. What was the second suggestion offered to Buntu regarding the discovery in the alleyway?
(a) Report it to the police.
(b) Take the passbook,
(c) Move it.
(d) Go back to the bar.

4. What does Sizwe show Buntu at the beginning of Part 3?
(a) His passbook.
(b) His driver's license.
(c) His bruises.
(d) His torn clothes.

5. What is Sizwe's angry question to Buntu when Buntu decides to leave the dead man alone?
(a) Does Buntu care about family?
(b) Would Buntu enjoy dying himself?
(c) Is this what Buntu would do if HE was dead?
(d) Is Buntu strong enough to carry his own karma?

6. What is Sizwe's first question to Buntu?
(a) "Why is there so much trouble everywhere?"
(b) "Where is he from?"
(c) "What will become of them?"
(d) "Where is his family?"

7. What did Buntu say the preacher compare death to in his speech?
(a) A contract with God.
(b) A final goodbye.
(c) A measure of a man's life.
(d) A natural occurence.

8. When Buntu sees the address of the dead man, what does he do?
(a) He encourages Sizwe to sell the book.
(b) He refuses to go to that part of town.
(c) He explains how rich that part of town is.
(d) He warns Sizwe to leave this book alone.

9. After seeing Sizwe's information, what does Buntu realize?
(a) That Sizwe should have been back in his home country the day before.
(b) That Sizwe's age does not match his face.
(c) That Sizwe was lying about his identity.
(d) That Sizwe is not who he proposes to be.

10. What system of segregation exists during the time of this play?
(a) Muslims and Christians.
(b) Church and State.
(c) Apartheid.
(d) Privatization of banking and the government finance system.

11. Where is Sizwe when he introduces himself to other people on the night he went to the bar with Buntu?
(a) Outside of Buntu's house.
(b) In the back alley of the bar.
(c) Out on the street in front of the bar.
(d) Outise of Buntu's car.

12. What does SIzwe drunkenly wish to Buntu when Buntu decides to leave the dead man's body behind? .
(a) That Buntu would forgive himself.
(b) That Buntu could have a heart.
(c) That Buntu was dead.
(d) That Buntu could go home to his family.

13. What does Buntu suggest Sizwe do for work back in his home country?
(a) To work as a rickshaw driver.
(b) To work as a bellboy.
(c) To work in the mines.
(d) To work as a taxi driver.

14. What might Buntu's story about Jacob be meant to offer Sizwe?
(a) Fear not to question the system in place.
(b) Fear that death is not the end of suffering.
(c) Hope that he will not become another Jacob in the near future.
(d) Hope that the peace of death will sustain him through the tough times in life.

15. What happened to Jacob the other day, according to Buntu in Part 3?
(a) He was arrested.
(b) He was buried.
(c) He was found drunk at a popular bar.
(d) He made a speech from his home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the first class liquor Sizwe is served at the bar with Buntu?

2. What is significant about the dead man's name?

3. What is a common theme between what Styles went through to get his shop and what Sizwe would have to go through to get a new passbook?

4. How does Sizwe respond to Buntu when Buntu asks him for his passbook a second time at the end of Part 4?

5. After Buntu's shoots down Sizwe's first two suggestions about the alleyway discovery, what is the next thing Sizwe continue to recommend doing?

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