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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Buntu reluctantly do after Sizwe suggests that they let whoever's there know what's happened?
(a) He asks someone to call the police.
(b) He gets the man's passbook.
(c) He walks back to the bar.
(d) He asks the man his name.

2. What does Sizwe insist he cannot lose as Buntu is trying to convince him to change identities?
(a) His family.
(b) His photo.
(c) His name.
(d) His property.

3. After introducing himself, what does Sizwe tell everyone he meets in Part 4 to do?
(a) Go back to their homeland.
(b) Go into the bar.
(c) Thank their mothers.
(d) Boycott the bar.

4. What plans does Sizwe have for his wife and kids, according to his letter at the end of Part 5?
(a) To come home as soon as possible.
(b) Finding another identity.
(c) Getting a permit allowing them to visit.
(d) Getting them to stay with him permanently.

5. What interrupts Styles' story to the audience at the end of Part 1?
(a) A knock on the door.
(b) A scream outside.
(c) Styles falling asleep.
(d) A man yelling from upstairs.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Styles takes the second photograph for Zwelinzima, what happens him?

2. In Part 5, Buntu says that pride isn't important if ______.

3. What does Buntu tell Sizwe to do instead of continuing to live in the country they are in illegally?

4. Where is Sizwe when he introduces himself to other people on the night he went to the bar with Buntu?

5. According to Styles, what happened to his father after he returned home from the war?

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