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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After seeing Sizwe's information, what does Buntu realize?
(a) That Sizwe's age does not match his face.
(b) That Sizwe was lying about his identity.
(c) That Sizwe should have been back in his home country the day before.
(d) That Sizwe is not who he proposes to be.

2. At the end of Part 4, what does Buntu collect after Sizwe drunkenly stumbles off?
(a) Sizwe's passbook.
(b) The money of the dead man.
(c) Sizwe's clothes.
(d) The dead body of the man.

3. What does Buntu tell Sizwe to think about after he worries for his children?
(a) The attention of the police.
(b) His first paycheck and what he can do with it.
(c) His wife's love.
(d) The respect they will have for him if he has a new identity.

4. What does Buntu claim that Robert is wishing Sizwe from the dead?
(a) Wealth.
(b) Luck.
(c) A good house.
(d) A better job.

5. What does Buntu try to convince Sizwe about the "...real Robert, wherever he is...?"
(a) That Robert was a loser in life anyway.
(b) That Robert wouldn't know the difference.
(c) That Robert is turning over in his grave.
(d) That Robert is proud.

Short Answer Questions

1. What memento does Styles have left of his father?

2. What part of the dead man's passbook does Buntu change with Sizwe's?

3. What did Buntu say the preacher compare death to in his speech?

4. What will allow Buntu to be able to get Sizwe a job?

5. Which culture in Part 1 does Styles says effects the South African economy?

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