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Part 1

• The play begins in the photography studio of a man named Styles.

• Styles comments on various newspaper stories, including the planned expansion of an automobile plant.

• Styles tells a story about working at a Ford automobile plant.

• In preparation for a visit from Henry Ford Jr., the workers slaved to make everything look good.

• The boss tried to make an inspirational speech but couldn't speak the workers' language.

• Styles interpreted for him but twisted the words to make him look like a fool.

• Styles tells of how Ford only visited for five minutes.

• He calls himself a "bloody fool" for staying in the job for six years.

• The job made him realize he was little more than a monkey working for someone else.

• Styles shows us his studio and calls it "a strong room of dreams".

• He says he takes photographs how customers want them so as...

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