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Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the prospective buyers for Flan's Cezanne live?

2. At what time does Paul say he has to meet his father?

3. What word does Ouisa tell Flan not to use in this section?

4. What taciturn promise does Paul make the Kittredges and Geoffrey before the latter leaves?

5. Who does Paul jokingly say he will test on Catcher in the Rye?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Flan in awe of his children's second grade teacher?

2. How does Paul explain the naked man to Flan and Ouisa?

3. What promise does Ouisa make Paul in exchange for his agreement to go to the police?

4. How does Paul describe his father?

5. What story do Flan and Ouisa send the New York Times?

6. How does Trent Conway assist Paul in his fraud?

7. How does Ouisa lose Paul?

8. How has Paul's story changed in this section?

9. Describe Flan and Ouisa at the beginning of the play.

10. What does Paul say happened to him in the Park?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The very title of Guare's play indicates that it is concerned in large part with the interconnectedness of our world. Write an essay about the theme of interconnectedness. How does Paul's arrival into the Kittredges' lives draw attention to their place in society? How does this lead Ouisa to consider the six degrees? What connections create this meeting and what new connections does it create?

Essay Topic 2

The idea of the imagination resonates strongly throughout he play, beginning of course with Paul's "thesis" in the first passages. Write an essay on Guare's understanding of imagination in three parts:

Part 1) Compare Paul's conception of the purpose of imagination in his thesis with what he perceives to be society's new definition of imagination. How are they different? Why does Paul consider the latter reductive?

Paul 2) How doe Ouisa, Flan and Geoffrey react to Paul's thesis on imagination? When Paul appears in Ouisa's imagination later in the play, how does he amend his notion of imagination?

Paul 3) How is what Paul actually does to the families of the play the opposite of his sense of imagination? Is he chipping away at his own personality living in a state of constant deception?

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the play, Flanders Kittredge refers to himself as a gambler and an artist. He alternately speaks in praise of money and beauty, but he seems most enamored of his own reputation.

Write an essay on the topic of Flan's conflicted and ultimately incomplete soul. What is his primary objective throughout the play? Why is he so intent on finding Paul? How does he truly view himself, and how does that make him incompatible with Ouisa?

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