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Short Answer Questions

1. What valuable item has Paul lost in the mugging?

2. What does Ouisa initially fear the Hustler may have?

3. To what object does Ouisa compare Geoffrey's money in this section?

4. What twentieth century play does Paul quote in his thesis?

5. In what country does Paul say he grew up?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Ouisa's essential fear about the fate of Paul of the play?

2. What do the Kittredges do after they regain their composure?

3. Why does Flan give Paul fifty dollars after Geoffrey leaves?

4. Why does Geoffrey call at the end of this section?

5. Why does the Detective now have a case against Paul at the end of this section?

6. What new film project does Paul describe in this section?

7. What is sent to the Kittredges in this section and how do they respond?

8. How does Flan respond to Paul's calling Ouisa?

9. What seems to be Paul's fate at the end of the play?

10. How is Geoffrey's financial situation strange?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Paul has a strange relationship with sex. Though clearly a homosexual by orientation, he does not pursue sex in the same way other people do. Write an essay on Paul's relationship with sex in two parts: Part 1) Why does Paul have sex with Rick after their dance in the Rainbow room? Is sex a pleasure for him or a weapon? Does Paul think about how the experience will affect Rick when he propositions him? Part 2) How does Paul explain his decision to bring a prostitute to the Kittredges' condo? Do either Ouisa or Flan understand his reasoning? How does the reasoning also explain why he will not have sex in prison?

Essay Topic 2

Time and again in this narrative, the question of race in America crops up. Write an essay on the idea of race in the world of this play. Do the Kittredges seem to have any other black acquaintances besides Paul? What realities of black life in America does he bring into their lives? What darker realities about race arise from the polite liberal facade of the parents in the play?

Essay Topic 3

The very title of Guare's play indicates that it is concerned in large part with the interconnectedness of our world. Write an essay about the theme of interconnectedness. How does Paul's arrival into the Kittredges' lives draw attention to their place in society? How does this lead Ouisa to consider the six degrees? What connections create this meeting and what new connections does it create?

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