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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Paul's description of his father, Sidney Poitier claims that growing up his family was so poor they did not even own what?
(a) Dirt
(b) The IOUs they held
(c) Air
(d) Their shoes

2. To what artist's work does Flan compare his children's paintings in the second grade?
(a) Pollock
(b) Picasso
(c) Monet
(d) Matisse

3. Which of the following is not a reason Flan lists for his clients wanting to deal with him instead of a gallery?
(a) Taxes
(b) Divorce
(c) Publicity
(d) Extradition

4. Which hotel is Poitier checking into in the morning, according to Paul?
(a) The Sherry
(b) The Bowery
(c) The Gramercy Park
(d) The Waldorf-Astoria

5. According to Paul, on the shooting of what movie did Sidney Poitier meet his second wife?
(a) The Defiant Ones
(b) Raisin in the Sun
(c) The Lost Man
(d) Blackboard Jungle

Short Answer Questions

1. What movie does Paul mention won Sidney Poitier his only Oscar?

2. What is the second prized item that Flan checks at the top of the play?

3. Where do the prospective buyers for Flan's Cezanne live?

4. Who is not onstage in the last moments of this section?

5. What ancient food item does Ouisa say is in the freezer when Paul offers to make dinner?

Short Essay Questions

1. What new film project does Paul describe in this section?

2. Describe Paul's entrance.

3. How do the two sets of parents in this section try to track down Sidney Poitier?

4. What is sent to the Kittredges in this section and how do they respond?

5. Why does Flan give Paul fifty dollars after Geoffrey leaves?

6. What do the Kittredges do after they regain their composure?

7. What story do Flan and Ouisa send the New York Times?

8. What event breaks the relative silence after the Trent Conway revelation?

9. How does Flan respond to Paul's calling Ouisa?

10. What are the Kittredges doing the night that Paul finally calls them?

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