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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Near the end of the play, Ouisa that she has plenty of color in her life, but none of this?
(a) Passion
(b) Form
(c) Structure
(d) Shading

2. Who spits on Flan at the end of this section?
(a) Ouisa
(b) A policeman
(c) His doorman
(d) The hustler

3. In this section Paul admits that his Salinger speech was lifted from a commencement address at what college?
(a) Groton
(b) Stanford
(c) University of Pennsylvania
(d) Northwestern

4. What arrives with the flowers that Paul sends the Kittredges?
(a) A pot of jam
(b) A cheese basket
(c) A bottle of champagne
(d) An art print

5. In this section, which parent repeatedly states that they don't want to know what their children are doing?
(a) Ouisa
(b) Dr. Fine
(c) Flan
(d) Larkin

6. Which family is the first that Paul asks Trent about in this section?
(a) Fine
(b) Larkin
(c) Kittredge
(d) Conway

7. What does Tess suggest her mother should have done with Paul?
(a) Never let him in
(b) Slept with him
(c) Adopt him
(d) Have him arrested

8. What news does Tess blurt out to Ouisa in this section?
(a) She is pregnant
(b) She is gay
(c) She is getting married
(d) She is dropping out of school

9. According to Donald Barthelme, what is the art form of the twentieth century?
(a) Abstract expressionism
(b) Cubism
(c) Collage
(d) Found object

10. At the end of their first meeting with their children, Flan protests to Tess that she is not a part of a conspiracy but what?
(a) A relationship
(b) A secret
(c) A family
(d) An understanding

11. Which of the following options is not one suggested in this section for tracking down Sidney Poitier?
(a) CAA
(b) Who's Who
(c) A library
(d) Celebrity Service

12. How does Ouisa describe Paul's essential quality to her children in this section?
(a) Kind
(b) Enigmatic
(c) Cultivated
(d) Wild

13. Elizabeth and Rick say they live above New York's last what?
(a) Roller disco
(b) Cigar bar
(c) Swing club
(d) Billiard club

14. Which of the following items is not among those Paul stole from Trent when he left?
(a) His watch
(b) His sport jacket
(c) His skis
(d) His printer

15. What nationality of clients does Ouisa mistakenly she and Flan are schmoozing before Sotheby's?
(a) Saudi
(b) German
(c) Japanese
(d) Irish

Short Answer Questions

1. To what literary character does Ouisa compare Trent Conway in this section?

2. Which Massachusetts college does Trent Conway attend?

3. Which of the following is not an adjective the children use to describe their parents' request in this section?

4. What type of law does Kitty's "friend" practice?

5. What word's pronunciation is Trent trying to correct when he and Paul appear onstage?

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