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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Kitty what famous starlet used the alias Harriet Brown at hotels?
(a) Mae West
(b) Vivien Leigh
(c) Greta Garbo
(d) Audrey Hepburn

2. Where does Paul proposition Rick for sex?
(a) In a carriage
(b) At Rick's apartment
(c) On the subway
(d) At the resturant

3. What state are Flan and Ouisa from originally?
(a) New Hampshire
(b) Maryland
(c) Rhode Island
(d) Massachusetts

4. What arrives with the flowers that Paul sends the Kittredges?
(a) An art print
(b) A bottle of champagne
(c) A pot of jam
(d) A cheese basket

5. What type of law does Kitty's "friend" practice?
(a) Divorce law
(b) Theatrical law
(c) Patent law
(d) Maritime law

6. What word's pronunciation is Trent trying to correct when he and Paul appear onstage?
(a) Hello
(b) Sofa
(c) Excuse
(d) Bottle

7. What book have Ouisa and Paul both read?
(a) The Andy Warhol Diaries
(b) The new book on Cezanne
(c) The Agony and the Ecstacy
(d) The Gilded Gutter of Francis Bacon

8. Where does the doorman say Flan's illegitimate son is living?
(a) Central Park
(b) Jersey
(c) The YMCA
(d) The street

9. Which of the following is not a type of jam Trent recommends one send to rich people?
(a) Orange
(b) Strawberry
(c) Grapefruit
(d) Peach

10. Which actress does Elizabeth fear she resembles too much?
(a) Ingrid Bergman
(b) Sophia Loren
(c) Liv Ullman
(d) Katherine Hepburn

11. Who is the publish of Poitier's autobiography This Life?
(a) Random House
(b) Knopf
(c) Schuster and Schuster
(d) Pearson

12. In this section, Doug tells his father that his mother says sleeping with him was like sleeping with what food?
(a) A rotting fish
(b) A salad with bad dressing
(c) An old bowl of borscht
(d) A pasta dish with too much garlic

13. Which family is the first that Paul asks Trent about in this section?
(a) Larkin
(b) Kittredge
(c) Conway
(d) Fine

14. What news does Tess blurt out to Ouisa in this section?
(a) She is getting married
(b) She is pregnant
(c) She is dropping out of school
(d) She is gay

15. At which movie theater does Ouisa say she will meet Paul to take him to the police?
(a) The 42nd Street
(b) The Union Square
(c) The Waverly
(d) The Kip's Bay

Short Answer Questions

1. How were Dr. Fine's parents killed?

2. Who did Paul claim his prostitute was the night he stayed at Kitty and Larkin's?

3. What mystery writer does Flan invoke as the parents try to figure out what they have in common?

4. How much money did Kitty give Paul?

5. Elizabeth and Rick say they live above New York's last what?

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