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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which artist's work is bidding on at Sotheby's in this section?
(a) Tolouse-Lautrec
(b) Seurat
(c) Matisse
(d) Gaugin

2. In this section, which parent repeatedly states that they don't want to know what their children are doing?
(a) Ouisa
(b) Larkin
(c) Flan
(d) Dr. Fine

3. At which movie theater does Ouisa say she will meet Paul to take him to the police?
(a) The Waverly
(b) The 42nd Street
(c) The Kip's Bay
(d) The Union Square

4. What is Paul drinking when Dr. Fine confronts him at the brownstone?
(a) Scotch
(b) Port
(c) Cognac
(d) Brandy

5. How were Dr. Fine's parents killed?
(a) In a mugging
(b) In a plane crash
(c) In the Holocaust
(d) In a house fire

6. Where does Paul proposition Rick for sex?
(a) At the resturant
(b) In a carriage
(c) At Rick's apartment
(d) On the subway

7. Which notorious public figure does Tess invoke to describe what her parents are asking her to do?
(a) Franco
(b) Stalin
(c) McCarthy
(d) Goebells

8. In the second excerpt from This Life that the parents read, what does Poitier warn his readers against doing regarding their children?
(a) Smothering them
(b) Condescending them
(c) Protecting them
(d) Ignoring them

9. What does Paul say he wants from the Kittredges in this section?
(a) Acceptance
(b) Friendship
(c) Money
(d) Freedom

10. What type of law does Kitty's "friend" practice?
(a) Theatrical law
(b) Divorce law
(c) Maritime law
(d) Patent law

11. Which Greek playwright is Ouisa said to have mockingly mentioned after seeing Cats?
(a) Sophocles
(b) Aristophanes
(c) Euripides
(d) Aeschylus

12. Which actress does Elizabeth fear she resembles too much?
(a) Sophia Loren
(b) Katherine Hepburn
(c) Liv Ullman
(d) Ingrid Bergman

13. Which of the assembled children in this section takes exception for what he perceives as an unspoken accusation of drug use?
(a) Tess
(b) Doug
(c) Ben
(d) Woody

14. What type of specialist is Dr. Fine?
(a) A podiatrist
(b) An obstetrician
(c) An osteopath
(d) A pediatrician

15. On what holiday do Larkin and Kitty witness Rick's suicide?
(a) Halloween
(b) Labor Day
(c) Valentine's Day
(d) New Years Eve

Short Answer Questions

1. What mystery writer does Flan invoke as the parents try to figure out what they have in common?

2. What key information about Paul does Ouisa not have in her search for him?

3. Which of the following is not an adjective the children use to describe their parents' request in this section?

4. Why has Kitty not spoken to her children when she tells Ouisa and Flan their story?

5. At the end of their first meeting with their children, Flan protests to Tess that she is not a part of a conspiracy but what?

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