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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What film option does Flan think may be a nice alternative for Paul's father's movie?
(a) Animation
(b) Black and white
(c) 3-D
(d) Silent

2. In this section, Paul mentions attending a film festival with his father in what country?
(a) South Africa
(b) Turkey
(c) China
(d) Russia

3. Which of the following is not a black celebrity that Geoffrey thinks could take part in his film festival?
(a) Diana Ross
(b) Eddie Murphy
(c) Bill Cosby
(d) Richard Pryor

4. Flan is shocked that his son lets Paul call him what?
(a) Woodrow
(b) Brother
(c) Woody
(d) Man

5. To what mythological figure does Ouisa compare Geoffrey when she describes him?
(a) Midas
(b) Creon
(c) Theseus
(d) Jason

6. According to Paul, Sidney Poitier lived for a time in a bus station across the street from what?
(a) The Flatiron Building
(b) The Chrysler Building
(c) Grand Central Station
(d) Madison Square Garden

7. As Ouisa considers the idea of being murdered in her sleep, what does she wonder aloud?
(a) Would she go to heaven
(b) Who would find her
(c) Would she wake up
(d) Would it hurt

8. Who does Paul jokingly say he will test on Catcher in the Rye?
(a) His advisor
(b) Geoffrey
(c) Ouisa
(d) Flan

9. Where on his body has Paul been stabbed when he enters the Kittredges'?
(a) His arm
(b) His hand
(c) His stomach
(d) His neck

10. Who tells Paul to leave the condo in this section?
(a) The Hustler
(b) Flan
(c) Ouisa
(d) No one

11. In this section, Flan repeated mentions not wanting to be accused of what?
(a) Discourteousness
(b) Libel
(c) Idiocy
(d) Racism

12. What is the first item in the room that Flan checks in Act 1?
(a) The watercolor of the dog
(b) The Victorian inkwell
(c) The first edition Dickens
(d) The two-sided painting

13. Who do the Kittredges call after they regain their composure?
(a) The police
(b) The doorman
(c) Their children
(d) Geoffrey

14. What request does Paul make of the Kittredges before leaving?
(a) That they forgive him
(b) That they lend him more money
(c) That they forget the whole incident
(d) That they not tell his father

15. How does the Hunan Wok misspell its sign?
(a) Nunan Wok
(b) Hunan Work
(c) Human Wok
(d) Human Work

Short Answer Questions

1. What valuable item has Paul lost in the mugging?

2. Which of the following would-be presidential assassins is mentioned in Paul's thesis?

3. In the excerpt from Catcher in the Rye that Paul recites, Holden would rather chop off a man's head than what?

4. At the beginning of Act 1, what aspect of his state of being does Flan repeatedly mention?

5. What word does Ouisa tell Flan not to use in this section?

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