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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Paul, Sidney Poitier lived for a time in a bus station across the street from what?
(a) Madison Square Garden
(b) The Chrysler Building
(c) Grand Central Station
(d) The Flatiron Building

2. Which of the following is not a black celebrity that Geoffrey thinks could take part in his film festival?
(a) Richard Pryor
(b) Bill Cosby
(c) Diana Ross
(d) Eddie Murphy

3. Paul is looking at a statue of what in Central Park when he is mugged?
(a) A husky
(b) An angel
(c) A priest
(d) Shakespeare

4. What word does Paul repeat over and over as Ouisa tries to wake him in this section?
(a) Help
(b) Ouisa
(c) Yes
(d) No

5. Who is not onstage in the last moments of this section?
(a) Ouisa
(b) Geoffrey
(c) Flan
(d) Paul

6. What does the Hustler do as soon as he enters the scene?
(a) Stretch out on the couch
(b) Throws a punch at Flan
(c) Begin eating leftovers from the night before
(d) Walks straight through the room and leaves the condo

7. Which of the following prominent New York families is not one that Paul mentions considering before deciding to come to the Kittredges?
(a) The Babcocks
(b) The Auchinslosses
(c) The Helmsleys
(d) The Onassises

8. What school does the Kittredges' daughter attend?
(a) Smith
(b) Northwestern
(c) Yale
(d) Groton

9. What does Paul compliment about Geoffrey after the latter comments on dinner?
(a) His eyes
(b) His nose
(c) His buds
(d) His etiquette

10. Who do Ouisa and Flan address in the first half of this section?
(a) God
(b) Each other
(c) Geoffrey
(d) The audience

11. What is the first item in the room that Flan checks in Act 1?
(a) The two-sided painting
(b) The first edition Dickens
(c) The watercolor of the dog
(d) The Victorian inkwell

12. In what city were the Kittredges living when they met Geoffrey?
(a) Johannesburg
(b) Rome
(c) London
(d) New York

13. Where on his body has Paul been stabbed when he enters the Kittredges'?
(a) His arm
(b) His stomach
(c) His hand
(d) His neck

14. At the end of this section, Flan compares not thinking about two million dollars to trying not to think of what animal?
(a) A cow
(b) An elephant
(c) An ostrich
(d) A cat

15. To what artist's work does Flan compare his children's paintings in the second grade?
(a) Matisse
(b) Pollock
(c) Monet
(d) Picasso

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Geoffrey's wife's name?

2. What movie does Paul mention won Sidney Poitier his only Oscar?

3. What does Paul's thesis conclude is "God's gift" to us (34)?

4. What event do the Kittredges have to attend in the morning?

5. When Flan mentions that Geoffrey is from South Africa, Ouisa needles him for sounding how?

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