Six Degrees of Separation Character Descriptions

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Trent Conway - This character tells a homeless drifter about the wealthiest families of New York.

Elizabeth - This character's boyfriend commits suicide in the play.

Flan - See Flanders Kittredge.

Geoffrey - This character is committed to improving his native South Africa.

Flanders Kittredge - This character needs $2 million for a painting at the beginning of the play.

Louisa Kittredge - This woman fails in trying to find the young man who deceives her and her husband.

Talbot Kittredge - This character decides arbitrarily to climb K2.

Ouisa - See Louisa Kittredge.

Paul Poitier-Kittredge - See Paul Poitier.

Paul Poitier - This character recites a long thesis on Catcher in the Rye.

Rick - This character commits suicide after a homosexual experience.

Tess - See Talbot Kittredge.

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