Six Degrees of Separation Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Section 1 (pages 3-13)

• Ouisa and Flan are frightened by something that happened in their condo.

• Ouisa begin the story of the fateful evening.

• Geoffrey has dinner with Flan and Ouisa.

• Flan is nervous about asking Geoffrey for money.

Section 2 (pages 14-26)

• Paul enters, wounded.

• Flan and Ouisa treat his wound.

• Paul tells the Kittredges and Geoffrey that he is Sidney Poitier's son.

• Paul talks about Poitier's plan to film Cats.

• Paul offers to cook dinner.

Section 3 (pages 26-44)

• Paul discusses his thesis on imagination.

• The Kittredges insist he stay the night.

• Geoffrey agrees to invest the money for the Cezanne.

• Flan and Ouisa are overjoyed.

Section 4 (pages 45-54)

• Ouisa dreams of Sidney Poitier.

• Flan speaks about his love of art.

• Ouisa discovers a male hustler in Paul's bed.

• Geoffrey calls the Kittredges to offer more money.

Section 5 (pages 54-67)

• Kitty and Larkin tell the Kittredges about their night...

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