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Shen Fu
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What should a person use to strengthen a plant when the stem begins to fall over, according to Shen Fu's instructions?
(a) Water.
(b) Stones.
(c) Pins.
(d) Tape.

2. What can one make if the pile up some dirt, then place stones on it and plants flowers and grass here and there?
(a) Mess.
(b) Fountain.
(c) Ant hill.
(d) A landscape.

3. What is the kind of bracelet that Han-yuan is wearing, which is thought to be a sign Han-yuan should live with Yun and Shen Fu?
(a) Opal.
(b) Onyx.
(c) Jade.
(d) Moonstone.

4. What was the sound that Shen Fu associated with cranes flying around in the air when he was a child?
(a) Bees.
(b) Bamboo stalks.
(c) Mosquitoes.
(d) Tea leaves.

5. The bedroom that Shen Fu and Yun share is called - "The Pavilion of My Guest's _______________."
(a) Grace.
(b) Beauty.
(c) Fragrance.
(d) Presence.

6. In what city was Shen Fu born, according to the introduction of the book?
(a) Chicago.
(b) Soochow.
(c) Shanghai.
(d) Beijing.

7. The secretaries were not considered to be a part of the government and they were paid out of _____________, not the larger accounts.
(a) Personal funds.
(b) Dowries.
(c) Collections.
(d) Tax loans.

8. Yun believes that having been to the festival, she has not lived a life in ____________, since she has seen such a beautiful pplace.
(a) Terror.
(b) Illness.
(c) Pain.
(d) Vain.

9. What does Yun suggest that Shen Fu take in order to create a powder which can then fill in the cracks of other stones?
(a) Paint.
(b) Food scraps.
(c) Poorer stones.
(d) Glass.

10. Shen Fu imagines _________ flying through trees and mountains when he is lying the grass as a child.
(a) Phoenixes.
(b) Doves.
(c) Eagles.
(d) Cranes.

11. Who once created a sketch of Shen Fu and Yun in a garden, according to the story?
(a) Shen Fu.
(b) Yun.
(c) Chaiang.
(d) Yang Pu-fan.

12. What did Shen Fu use when he didn't have any pieces of stone to put around his narcissi?
(a) Coal.
(b) Fabric.
(c) Yarn.
(d) Sand.

13. If there is a tall stand and shorter stands are spread around it, with the ones in the back being tall and the ones in the front being short, it is called a beautiful pile of _______, by some people.
(a) Trash.
(b) Power.
(c) Nature.
(d) Truth.

14. What does Shen Fu later think that the battle between the two insects probably was?
(a) Attempted rape.
(b) Nothing.
(c) A schoolyard fight.
(d) A lesson.

15. The neighbor asks Yun if she knows the __________ with whom Shen Fu was drinking the night before, as they are on the return trip.
(a) Emperor.
(b) Ruffian.
(c) Woman.
(d) Man.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many records seem to be missing from the manuscript which has been compiled about Shen Fu's life?

2. What did the guests write on the painting that Hsing-lan did after he was done with the work?

3. During the later part of what century was Shen Fu born, according to the introduction of the book?

4. The secretaries in _________, almost by definition at the time of the book, were failures in their lives, according to the Introduction.

5. Yun showed the Huas how to make _______ which can be moved anywhere and incorporated into the scenery.

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