Six Records of a Floating Life Short Essay - Answer Key

Shen Fu
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1. Why does the book become a national favorite for those who read it as the times of the day in China were much different?

The book is thought to have become a favorite since it addresses a true love story versus the arranged marriages and the courtesans of the day.

2. What does Shen Fu's education prepare him to be, which is a disappointment to his family as the reader learns in the story?

Shen Fu's education is enough to make him a secretary to the men who hold the positions for which his education was meant to prepare him.

3. What is the job that Shen Fu takes on within the government, as a result of his education?

Shen Fu takes on the role of the man who informs the magistrate about the will and the character of the people in the district, as well as keeps the books and the paperwork.

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