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Shen Fu
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Delights of Roaming Afar.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Shen Fu was one who accomplished a great feat in China, becoming ________, without becoming a literatus.
(a) Successful.
(b) Literate.
(c) Educated.
(d) Married.

2. The different categories in the book, according to Shen Fu, all add up to a __________ life in this book.
(a) Chaotic.
(b) Floating.
(c) Jumbled.
(d) Boring.

3. What does the Old Man arrange, according to the believe system of Shen Fu and Yun, which is why they worship him?
(a) Clouds.
(b) Names.
(c) Families.
(d) Matches.

4. At the Pleasant _____ Cave, Shen Fu drinks from the stream and finds that it satisfies his intense thirst.
(a) Flowers.
(b) Tide.
(c) Streams.
(d) Waters.

5. Shen Fu tells the reader to prune away an excess leaves on a flower in order to make it look spare and ______________.
(a) Honorable.
(b) Unblemished.
(c) True.
(d) Uncommon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Han-yuan sold to, which saddens Yun very much upon finding out this information from another?

2. What kind of seeds does Shen Fu suggest being ground off and put into an eggshell which can then be put with other chicken eggs?

3. Shen Fu notes that he likes to have his own __________ on things and not rely on the ideas of others to cloud his vision.

4. What was the more offensive name which Shen Fu's family gave to Yun when they were together?

5. What is the one thing that Yun and Shen Fu always had available when they had friends over to their home?

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