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Shen Fu
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Delights of Roaming Afar.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the other name for the scrotum that is referenced in the first part of this section, as Shen Fu has an accident?
(a) Chalk.
(b) Sacks.
(c) Books.
(d) Eggs.

2. What happened as Yun did the embroidery for the friend of Shen Fu?
(a) She tried to commit suicide.
(b) She became better.
(c) She became sicker.
(d) She died.

3. What does Shen Fu always have on his desk when he was living at home, according to the book?
(a) A stone.
(b) A gardening book.
(c) A vase of flowers.
(d) A picture of Yun.

4. The book was recently republished by the People's Literature ______ Society as this book is so well-loved among the readers.
(a) Romance Novel.
(b) Publishing.
(c) Literary.
(d) Love.

5. What can one make if the pile up some dirt, then place stones on it and plants flowers and grass here and there?
(a) A landscape.
(b) Ant hill.
(c) Fountain.
(d) Mess.

Short Answer Questions

1. To Shen Fu, the colored ________ were enough to make a person dizzy and the songs and music of the pipes could be overwhelming.

2. Shen Fu says his father spent money like ________, and most of it on other people.

3. What does Shen Fu say should be different in height, but they should also be in proportion to each other so there is an attractive relationship between them?

4. What did Shen Fu bite into, even as the others told him not to do so?

5. The famous madam in the area named ________ was also there, dressed up like a flower drum lady.

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