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Shen Fu
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Sorrows of Misfortune.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Chinese believed their leaders should be _____________ first and bureaucrats second, according to the Introduction.
(a) Family men.
(b) Spiritual.
(c) Scholars.
(d) Husbands.

2. The flower arrangements Shen Fu prefers are those which are not stiff or _________ in their appearance.
(a) Unnatural.
(b) Dull.
(c) Boring.
(d) Gray.

3. Who is Han-yuan sold to, which saddens Yun very much upon finding out this information from another?
(a) Business man.
(b) Shen Fu's father.
(c) The magistrate.
(d) Shen Fu.

4. What does Yun say that she will bring with them when they decided to go for an adventure?
(a) Her basket of food.
(b) A temple.
(c) Small stove.
(d) Her clothing.

5. During the later part of what century was Shen Fu born, according to the introduction of the book?
(a) Nineteenth.
(b) Eighteenth.
(c) Twentieth.
(d) Seventeenth.

Short Answer Questions

1. Shen Fu says there should not be more than ___________ vases arranged on a table, according to his detailed writing.

2. Yun was hired to embroider the _________ Sutra for a friend when she was having one of her more healthy times.

3. Shen Fu notes that _________ is a most generous gentleman, anxious to help those in trouble, whenever possible.

4. What does Shen Fu say should be different in height, but they should also be in proportion to each other so there is an attractive relationship between them?

5. What is the kind of bracelet that Han-yuan is wearing, which is thought to be a sign Han-yuan should live with Yun and Shen Fu?

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