Objects & Places from Six Records of a Floating Life

Shen Fu
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Rice Porridge

Yun hid this item in her room to give to Shen Fu on the evening of his first visit to her house after their engagement was arranged. Her family teased her about it until they were married, bringing an element of bashfulness to their engagement.


An element in much of their leisure, this item was frequently accompanied by drinking games based on literature, poetry or hand-games.

Yun's Journal

Yun kept one of these that Shen Fu renamed The Embroidered Bag of Beautiful Verses.

Jasmine and Lime

Yun describes these two kinds of perfumes, one as being common, one as being the gentleman of perfumes.

The Pavillion of Waves

This is Yun and Shen Fu's first home together, and the first of many places with names meant to describe what makes them significant either historically or aesthetically.

Fragments of Literature and Collection of Discarded Delights


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