Six Records of a Floating Life Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Shen Fu
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Introduction and Part I: Joys of the Wedding Chamber

• The story is written in categories, as opposed to being a straightforward narrative.

• Shen Fu is an educated man who decided to take up a different position than the one for which he was educated.

• This manuscript is not complete, according to the Introduction.

• Shen Fu and his wife, Yun, met as children.

• The husband and wife hope to be reincarnated and meet each other again, as different genders.

• Shen Fu and Yun are a very close couple when they are married.

• The couple does nearly everything together in their lives.

• Yun goes to the Lighting of the Flowers, dressed as a man.

• Han-yuan tries to procure herself for the couple, saying she is destined to belong to them.

The Pleasures of Leisure

• Shen Fu wants to record the memories of the simplest pleasures.

• Shen Fu has a deep...

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