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Florence Henrietta Darwin
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who complains of the whole house being damp in Act II of "The Autumn Garden"?

2. What train is Nina planning on taking to leave?

3. Anise recalls when Fanny went into labor with Sara. What was Fanny doing when labor started?

4. According to Teck, what is the name of the man who the Nazi's are looking for?

5. How much did Marcus get for a little bag of salt during the war?

Short Essay Questions

1. What activities are the characters engaging in as Act II of "Watch on the Rhine" opens?

2. Where is the location of the Tuckerman home featured in "The Autumn Garden"?

3. What is the scene when the curtain rises in Act II of "Another Part of the Forest"?

4. What action does Kurt take against Teck in Act III of "Watch on the Rhone" for the cause?

5. What packages has Marthe brought to the house in Act II of "Watch on the Rhine"?

6. What is Teck's proposal to Kurt and then to David and Fanny?

7. How does the last act of "The Autumn Garden" open?

8. What is the description of Kurt that Teck has?

9. What news is revealed to Kurt in a phone call that Teck learns at the Embassy poker game?

10. Why is Lavinia so upset in Act I of "Another Part of the Forest"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Julie in "Days to Come" is a character who seems to be searching for meaning in her life. She tells Whalen that she's been busy find out about herself. Discuss what Julie is looking for and what she has found out about her self and her desires.

Essay Topic 2

"Watch on the Rhine" is the most political of Hellman's plays and reveals her anti-Fascist beliefs. Discuss what Hellman is suggesting about Americans in relation to Fascism and the events that are evolving in Europe at the time.

Essay Topic 3

Compare the social issues present in "Six Plays by Lillian Hellman."

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